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    Auto Detail recommendations

    Great minds think alike
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    Auto Detail recommendations

    Dynamic Auto in Urbandale does a good job...I'm pretty particular about a detail job but I was impressed.
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    Breaking news

    Bilas pretty much said the same thing on game day earlier today. Lost a little respect for Bilas today, he's usually smarter than that. Sticking up for Boeheim is just blind stupidity.
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    NSCR: ***Official Daytona Weekend Thread***

    That ending was ******* white checkered is so dumb.
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    *** Official #14 IOWA STATE vs #22 Oklahoma State Game(day) Thread ***

    Cmon Niang that's just stupid
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    Huggins Twitter posts

    Love me some Huggy Bear
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    *** Official #11 IOWA STATE vs #22 Baylor Game(day) Thread ***

    Niang needs to sit..period
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    Fred Hoiberg Infiniti Voting

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    *** Baylor vs Sparty Cotton Game Thread ***

    Wow...Baylor is Baylor is Baylor
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    *** Baylor vs Sparty Cotton Game Thread ***

    #4 Howard for BU is just getting worked over...not a real good corner
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    *** Baylor vs Sparty Cotton Game Thread ***

    Speaking of fat dudes...check out The Wisky kicker...whoa
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    *** Baylor vs Sparty Cotton Game Thread ***

    Hahahah what the hell do I just see?! Go fat man go!!
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    *** Baylor vs Sparty Cotton Game Thread ***

    Baylor with another quick fun to watch when their offense is clicking
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    RJ hunter

    The kid is good I'll give him that but all this talk of him being a lottery pick??? Cmon man....
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    *** Official Georgia State vs IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    And this is why SDW will not get sig minutes when MT and Nader return...dude is getting worked on D and looks lost on O
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    The mobile app actually works great for me. We were in Minneapolis last week so I watched the Viterbo and Kansas game on the mobile app, really good picture too. I would suggest getting it!
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    Alright I'll ask it...who the **** is DLC?
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    Walking Dead

    That was by far the dumbest episode of the entire series...borrrrrrrrring
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    NOTEBOOK: The "chop block" on Jevohn Miller, the fake punt and more

    Like others said...there was nothing illegal about that block...just bad luck for Miller.
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    Rhoads needs to go....end of story. Outside of money, can anyone give me ONE reason that he still had a job? This is truly embarrassing in yr 6.