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    We just drink copious amounts of booze.
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    *** Official Kansas Vs IOWA STATE Gameday Thread ***

    Taking off here around noon. Time for the baby Clones to take another massive step forward!
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    WWE Royal Rumble (2018)/NXT TakeOver: Philadelphia Thread

    Recording Raw and starting it at about 9:00pm is about perfect for me most nights. I usually manage to get caught up with the main event around 10. Kind of pathetic when you think about it. Seems like all I really care to see from either show is the Miz, Elias (for whatever reason I love his...
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    NFC Divisional Playoff Game- New Orleans Saints vs. Minnesota Vikings

    Easily the best fan-made video I've ever seen. Currently looking for a purple wall to run through. I'll be up there on Sunday. SKOL!
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    Dog Showing Aggression to Certain People

    Really didn't mean for this thread to turn into a giant debate but thanks to those who gave me their input. I ended up taking her back this morning. Tough.. but for the best. Wish they would have told me this when I got her, not when I brought her back, but sounds like a previous owner burned...
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    Dog Showing Aggression to Certain People

    I definitely wouldn't go as far to say that she needs to be put down, as I don't know her past well enough, or if I'm doing a good job of establishing good behavior. What I am coming to the realization of is that perhaps she would be best suited with an owner that has fairly significant...
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    Dog Showing Aggression to Certain People

    No laws or regulations here against breeds. I had no specific breed in mind when I went to the shelter but wanted to be sure in case I fell in love with a pitbull.. sure enough..
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    Dog Showing Aggression to Certain People

    Kenneling her and having guests warm up to her and give her a treat before letting her out is the first thing I thought of. Every aggressive situation has come from the initial entrance, but I obviously worry that she could snap at any moment later on.
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    Dog Showing Aggression to Certain People

    She has never once shown any aggression toward myself or my roommate. When I met her she was, and remains a complete sweetheart to myself and most people she has met. The only info I have is from her most recent owner who returned her to the shelter because she didn't get along with their cat...
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    Dog Showing Aggression to Certain People

    I recently adopted a 1 year old pitbull (I know, to most the title of this thread will now make sense) from the humane society, and she is an absolute sweetheart... 90% of the time. I've had issues with her showing aggression on 4 or 5 separate occasions. All situations were men, and all...
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    Texas Game Attendance

    Heading down from NWIA this afternoon and driving back afterwards. Hope the Cyclones make that drive back a little easier! I've often parked in the rec center or power plant parking lots, but noticed someone mention in the parking thread to park at the Gateway. On google maps that seems like a...
  12. CynadoAlley Problems Thread

    Best it's ever gone for me. Hooked up the laptop via HDMI and ethernet. There were a couple times where the picture would freeze, but the audio would continue as normal. After a few seconds the picture would catch back up to where the audio was. After the past couple of years though, that didn't...
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    RECRUITING: Michael Jacobson has committed

    And don't forget. He brings his lunch pail.
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    Hilton's Floor Shaking

    This is probably the best example of the Naz 3. Without the commentary and muting of the crowd. Still doesn't come even close to the real thing, but still gives me goosebumps.
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    Hilton's Floor Shaking

    My first game was in 2011 so take it FWIW. "Threesus Saves" against OSU was definitely the loudest one-off moment in my time there, but the roar when MG missed his second free throw and when Hogue had the transition dunk in the OU comeback rank right up there. The consistent level of noise...
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    Most Humble Brag Profession

    I'm friends with a girl on Facebook who has a husband stationed within the lower 48 and has yet to leave the states. Reading her posts, you'd think he drove to Afghanistan and made it home in time for supper. As for me. I'm a seed salesman. I live my life in a perpetual state of being hated by...
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    Predictions: nə-VAY-də vs. IState

    Enter halftime down by 1 after we get things together during the under-4 timeout. End up winning 83-76. I mainly predict that even if we're up by 30 with 2 seconds left, I'll be nervous.
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    Burton's Dunk

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    New Lighting in Hilton

    I love the lighting on TV (haven't been able to get down for a game yet this season). My only minor gripe is not being able to see a larger portion of the crowd after big plays happen.