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    *** Official IOWA STATE VS Texas Tech Game(Day) Thread ***

    Hi Mr. or Mrs. Babb. If I'm ever in the DFW area I will definitely come to your BBQ restaurant!
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    Can I turn off videos on articles?

    There is nothing more disrespectful to your users than autoplay videos, in my opinion. The fact that the videos usually have nothing to do with the blog you're trying to read leads me to believe it is monetized somehow... So I just added them to my AdBlock filter, and that stops them.
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    Fans not excited to come to Des Moines

    I first noticed it down on 2/26. So I guess it hasn't been over a month. I regret my mistake, unlike bringmagicback who lies for unknown reasons.
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    ALR vs Iowa State Gametime?

    We're in CDT now...
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    Fans not excited to come to Des Moines

    Actually True Story: The golf dome, clubhouse, and everything that was there was torn down over a month ago. Why are you lying?
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    Blum on the Call

    ***-kisser. Blum is cool, but the day "CW" becomes the voice of anything ISU is the day I change my name to Vincent Van Gogh Jr and chop both my ears off.
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    Shanghai Tower - Roof Topper

    The Shanghai Tower guys were cool, getting to the highest point in China. That guy didn't do ****, just needlessly showing off, pull-ups, etc. Definitely not the highest point wherever he was.... changing clothes for no reason, camera guy obviously higher than he was and doing the same ****. I...
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    "FREE" Games?

    Not if the ads got so intrusive you installed AdBlock!
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    Iowa is going to win the Big 10

    So you're saying they won't be back?
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    Whirlybirds Account Hacked

    I tried to hack your account, but incorrectly guessed your password was "alohamrhand"
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    Friday QOTW 2/21 - What is your vice?
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    American TV

    For the longest time, I only went there to look at something in person before ordering online. Then once they started price-matching, I actually bought stuff there again. Now it seems like prices are more and more in line with online retailers anyways, for the most part. As for the sales...
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    American TV

    Holy ripoff, Batman. What a joke. I went to look at tv's, 40" range LED, and could immediately tell why they're going out of business. Spot-checked a few on Amazon, looks like their "closeout sale" prices are about 20% higher than Amazon... which Best Buy will pricematch if you want to shop...
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    Cyclone Radio North of Ames

    Cyclone Radio Network Affiliates and Coverage Maps - Iowa State University Athletics Official Web Site - - The home of Iowa State Cyclone Sports
  15. S app Qs?

    Personally, I wouldn't give an extra cent to NeuLion. It's BS that after "buying" the premium app and paying an annual subscription you still have to pay for the app again each year. And it's all pretty poor quality, IMO. If your mobile device is Android, just sideload flash and google how...
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    Pre game atmosphere

    Why would you think an Iowa State Men's Basketball thread was about the NFL Championship game?
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    Kane versus Smart

    Doug McDermott* is going to win the Wooden award, but still looking forward to the Kane vs Flop matchup. *​I don't hate Doug or Garbage McDermott, but I do hate Creighton, so it pains me to say that. Ok, maybe I strongly dislike Garbage for trying to kill ISU bball.