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    MLB: ***2024 Minnesota Twins***

    I don't see a starting pitcher in the cards Twins were never acquiring a veteran lefty bat, if anything going into the season they looked too lefty heavy. Julien and Wallner played well enough last year you're not going to pay a guy millions of dollars to push them out. Unfortunately both have...
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    ***Official 2024 Weather Thread***

    Looks pretty good to me
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    MLB: ***2024 Minnesota Twins***

    My bet is either Kirilloff or Margot. I think Margot is actually reasonably likely. Twins clearly aren't comfortable playing him in center and a backup corner OF who's upside is a .700 OPS isn't exactly a hard thing to replace. You could say something similar about Farmer but I think his longer...
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    ***Official 2024 Weather Thread***

    We planted corn April 10th-15th. It's all emerged at this point and the stand looked good when I cleared intakes today due to some minor ponding.
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    ***Official 2024 Weather Thread***

    Any time you're located with near and to the SE of a low pressure system and get cells to fire off ahead of a front there will be tornado risk. Leads to plenty of spin and usually enough energy. 60's is plenty warm to fire off storms, indeed peak of summer heat tends to "cap" the atmosphere and...
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    ***Official 2024 Weather Thread***

    Go read SPC reports after the fact if that's what you care about. Telling people there's a tornado when it's already hitting them isn't exactly helpful. Folks in this thread are trying to set tornado warnings back by 40 years.
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    ***Official 2024 Weather Thread***

    Brainless take. Radar is a valuable tool for issuing warnings and there well can be a tornado from them, just isn't visually confirmed. Relying solely on spotters and public reports to issue is ******* stupid. Tornadoes can be rain wrapped, occur over sparsely populated areas, broken terrain, or...
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    Which Iowa border state would you be most afraid of in a state vs state civil war?

    Illinois would have to cross the Mississippi though which would theoretically be a tough barrier. Numbers would count for a lot less if Iowa could hold its crossings.
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    Offense > Defense

    Cheaper and easier to coach up defense than it is to pull high level offensive talent out of the portal. Unless folks are willing to go in on NIL in a huge way I see ISU as always being defense first.
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    *** Official #10 Illinois vs #4 IOWA STATE Game(Day) Thread ***

    Iowa State could have survived missing some of the gimme buckets in the second half or the atrocious start but not both. Good season, hard fought game, hopefully we can breakthrough next year.
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    *** Official #10 Illinois vs #4 IOWA STATE Game(Day) Thread ***

    Milan looked like a freshman tonight. Played hard, came up a bit short due to some missed bunnies.
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    Momcilovic to lottery pick

    I don't see it. He's had a great freshman year but there are a lot of flaws in his game from an NBA perspective. Only post move to score is a fade away and he's a below average rebounder so he's not particularly alluring as an inside presence. So you're counting on him as a 3 and D type player...
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    ***NCAA Second Round: (7) Iowa State at (2) Stanford [Sun., 9:00 CT]***

    Tough fight from the team, just going to come up a hair short.
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    What are you drinking tonight?

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    ***Official 2024 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament Thread***

    Texas, a 7 seed, is long to Tennessee, a 2 seed, by 6 and that's embarrassing for the Big 12 somehow?
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    *** Official #25 Washington State vs #4 IOWA STATE Game(Day) Thread ***

    Well considering how awful the shooting was at the start I'll take being tied at the half.
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    *** Official South Dakota State vs #4 IOWA STATE Game(Day) Thread ***

    Consolation prize of a Hawley steal.
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    *** Official South Dakota State vs #4 IOWA STATE Game(Day) Thread ***

    Yeah traditionally they only call stoppage if you slow down and run offense.