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  1. KennyPratt42

    Summer Thread: The decline of the sedan

    I’ve only ever had sedans or hatchbacks (both were sedan models, just the 5 door version). My two favorite vehicles have both been manual transmission sedans, ‘02 WRX and ‘04 Saab 9-5 Aero. Currently have a Lexus sedan as my daily and feels like the brand I’ll need to stay in at this point to...
  2. KennyPratt42

    Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) - Treating green ash to keep them alive.

    We have an arborist treat a large ash in our backyard every 2 years. Most in our area (western Des Moines suburbs) are dead now. It feels like if you start before they get to the tree you’ll have good results. At some point I’ll start to spread out the treatments, probably one more on the 2...
  3. KennyPratt42

    In the market for new range and microwave

    Generally speaking from a manufacturing/reliability standpoint it is harder to base decisions on brands compared to the past. As most production as moved around the world for household appliances there has been an increase in reliability issues and more variability within a brands own portfolio...
  4. KennyPratt42

    Hot Ones: Conan O'Brien

    Conan and Ferguson were the natural successors to Leno and Letterman. A combination of those two hanging on a little too long and the networks executives really ruined it for everyone.
  5. KennyPratt42

    Lebron mentions Audi Crooks

    Not by name, but Lebron gives a shout out to Audi when talking about the women’s game.
  6. KennyPratt42

    Former UNI guard Nate Heise taking visit to Ames Monday (committed)

    He's 6'5", shoots a good percentage from 3, is a good rebounder, and plays good defense. With his size he definitely could be used in a 4 guard lineup from time to time. I'll be interested to see if we try to rotate our guards a little more next year to try and keep them fresher for the last...
  7. KennyPratt42

    NiceMarmot's Selection Sunday Final Bracketology Projection 2024

    Does competitive balance adjustment happen between the regions or is it almost exclusively geography?
  8. KennyPratt42

    NiceMarmot's Selection Sunday Final Bracketology Projection 2024

    If Iowa St. was the 6th team behind Tennessee, would we be sent to the West region for competitive balance instead of the East because the 4th 1 seed is in the West and the top 1 seed is in the East? I can't imagine Iowa St. has much geographic preference between Boston and LA.
  9. KennyPratt42

    Jamie Pollard on KXNO today

    My understanding when I’ve heard someone that’s been on the selection committee talk about the nuts and bolts of the process, at some point towards the end they go head to head all the way down the s-curve adjusting teams. I doubt we got moved directly as a result of the game yesterday, but it...
  10. KennyPratt42

    If the Big 12 Tournament couldn't be in KC

    Good destination and centrally located for the eastern side of the conference. And has the balance that Kansas City or San Antonio has where it is big enough to support it while not being like a Chicago or Dallas where it is just a blip on the radar.
  11. KennyPratt42

    If the Big 12 Tournament couldn't be in KC

    That’s true, those 4 I could live with.
  12. KennyPratt42

    If the Big 12 Tournament couldn't be in KC

    Nashville, San Antonio, and Las Vegas seem like the only good options to me.
  13. KennyPratt42

    Pollard an AD candidate at Nebby?

    aTm is one of those football programs I'm always surprised when I look up their on field history. No national titles in the last 80 years and no conference titles in the last 25 years. Their on field success is below schools like Tennessee and Auburn, which always surprises me because my...
  14. KennyPratt42

    Bracketology 2024

    If it is 8 vs 9 on the s-curve, I agree it doesn't matter much. But if we end up in the same region as the top 2 seed, likely Arizona or Tennessee, that feels a fair bit different than a team like Creighton as a 3 seed. Playing in Omaha likely comes down to finishing ahead of either Kansas or...
  15. KennyPratt42

    Bracketology 2024

    Games to end the regular season that would help us get a 2 seed: UConn winning at Marquette Houston winning against Kansas Texas Tech winning against Baylor North Carolina winning at Duke (Duke winning big could help us move ahead of UNC though)
  16. KennyPratt42

    Bracketology 2024

    The Alabama, Illinois, and San Diego St. losses yesterday make it feel like a 3 seed is our floor if we win at least one of the next two. The Marquette game tonight will play a factor in the 2 vs 3 seed situation. If Marquette beats UConn it feels like they will have a 2 seed locked up. If they...
  17. KennyPratt42

    FS: Sold

  18. KennyPratt42

    ISU Up to #6

    Winning Wednesday against BYU would all but lock up a 3 seed or better and put us in the middle of the 2 seed conversation.
  19. KennyPratt42

    Bracketology 2024

    Kansas' seeding feels pretty straightforward to me. If they win at either Baylor or Houston they will be a 2 seed. If they lose both of those they will be a 3 seed. Unless they did something surprising like lose the next three plus first game of Big 12s where they fall below a 3 or get hot and...
  20. KennyPratt42

    How dangerous is UCF?

    Just looking at UCF’s box scores in wins against better teams, they usually get to the free throw line a reasonable amount and shot really well there in those wins. They aren’t a very efficient offensive team so any easy points they can get helps them a lot. Keeping them off the line (which we...