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  1. Rick

    ***2024 NCAA Wrestling - Session 6/FINALS (Sat., 6:00)***

    I didn't know who the commentators were but for every time they mentioned Carr's name they mentioned Messingbrink 10. He sounded more like a PSU announcer than a neutral one.
  2. Rick

    Possible Rule Changes

    I have hated this since my son wrestled. It didn't appear often in the Championships but you could see the guys drop to a knee just because. If the knee hits the ground intentionally without provocation then it should be warning then points. Did I mention I hate seeing guys drop to a knee?
  3. Rick

    Is TJ out of gas?

    Might qualify is stupidest post of the yesr
  4. Rick

    Is there any reports on how kickers are doing in camp? I guess my copy and paste knowledge leaves something to be desired but if you can get this link to come up make sure you do on...
  5. Rick

    What's the problem with offense besides Tom Manning?

    Didn't Bruns point out our receivers are all bunched up or was it someone else. I think if we can get our receivers to separate from each other it opens things up more. How many times did Decker throw a pass and there were 3 or more blue jerseys around the ball. Beyond X most of the receivers...
  6. Rick

    Anything official happening re: fixed first half?

    I don't understand how the on field officials missed the spearing on Brock but that happens. What I really don't understand is how the replay officials did not interrupt and review. Play was delayed due to Brock being injured so they had plenty of time. Incompetance on the field officials on...
  7. Rick

    Anything official happening re: fixed first half?

    I think you need to go watch the K State game a few years ago to find 3-4 irrational calls so close together. This isn't our first time on the short end of that stick.
  8. Rick

    Thread to share videos of the Baylor game fix

    I think I was more upset when the blew the calls on Brock and AJ. I know AJ's is not reviewable but that ref had to be looking for a chance to throw his flag. You wonder if it wasn't a point of emphasis in the pre game meeting and he wanted to stand out.
  9. Rick

    F the refs and F Baylor

    Thanks. That is what I remembered but I heard comments he would miss more. Appreciate it.
  10. Rick

    Thread to share videos of the Baylor game fix

    They didn't "just miss calls". They extended drives and gave yards to an offense we had just stopped. 30 of the 77 yards on Baylor's first drive we handed to them. Freyler's targeting was something we can argue but it was close. The fact the two BU hits were worse is what is concerning and...
  11. Rick

    F the refs and F Baylor

    Is Beau back for the KU game. I think he should be.
  12. Rick

    A season after... Does Melvin Ejim's jersey still deserve to be in the rafters?

    After watching TOE hang Garza's and reading through the passion that was in this thread does this need to be revisited? Ejim, Niang and Morris all need to be brought up.
  13. Rick

    Have you ever been embarrassed to wear Cyclone Gear?

    It was definitely a poor choice of words but I understand what they are saying. Try living in the Eastern part of the state and listen to TOE fans after getting shellacked or Western part when Neb used to throttle us. Getting beat down by their fans and having nothing to retort can be a...
  14. Rick

    Has there been any public reporting of ISU athletes and NIL money received?

    How long can the money last? Is NIL money tax-deductible?
  15. Rick

    State of the Program

    What was our projected points if we wrestled to our seeds? I know you cannot figure in bonus points but there should be something out there.
  16. Rick

    ***Big 12 Wrestling Thread***

    Is there a place to see team scores?
  17. Rick

    Riding time

    I have been to or watched 5 meets so far this year. The one thing I don't get is why we don't try to get riding time in a lot of matches. Yesterday there were at last 6 times the other wrestler was up and out in under 9 seconds and we didn't appear to even want to hold them down. These were...
  18. Rick

    At Oklahoma Dual

    Parker let's the escape in 2 second . Is this on purpose?
  19. Rick

    At Oklahoma Dual

    Two takedowns by Small and about 15 seconds of riding time?
  20. Rick

    NCAA rules in favor of profit for athlete's "likeness"

    All these companies have advertising budgets. Currently that budget is spread among all the athletes. If it comes down to paying a certain individual that leaves less for guys that are not focus athletes. I just think the money is going to come in to play here.