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  1. dunar

    Where are cyclone fans sitting at the Cyhawk game this year?

    Yeah. I want to take my boys, just once. But can't bring myself to do it.
  2. dunar

    Thoughts on New Mexico

    I'm headed to NM next week. For Philmont, not football. Let's keep it that way.
  3. dunar

    Where are cyclone fans sitting at the Cyhawk game this year?

    I've been to two Cy-Hawk games in Iowa City. 2002 was epic, 2004 was not. I'll probably be watching in a hotel room while avoiding a game watch with extended family the day after a wedding that we're going to.
  4. dunar

    Beer sign at Jack Trice concessions

    I've always thought A&W should have pivoted quick and listed it as a 2/6 lb burger - you get two and six is bigger than four! :jimlad:
  5. dunar

    Parking selection?

    I was busy at work and completely forgot my selection time this morning at 9:15, remembered around 13:30, and quickly logged on to pick. Back in "new" C3, we were old C4 for 8-10 seasons. It will be interesting to see that reconfigured (again), as it was all torn up in the spring. Many comments...
  6. dunar

    Parking selection?

    I also pick Friday, I'm pretty confident I can get the same lot as last year (and probably the last 15 years...) Fingers crossed.
  7. dunar

    Parking selection?

    I had to look up the levels, I can never remember what we are. Knew we weren't Victory, but as I was looking, I found this: IMPORTANT DATES
  8. dunar

    Parking selection?

    We've been in the same lot for over a decade, used to be C4, I think got rebranded to C3 last year, combined with the old C3? Outside of the year or two where our longevity bumped us up to C5. When we were up for the spring game, our lot was torn up, after being redone (cheaply) ahead of last...
  9. dunar

    Parking selection?

    I've been bad about keeping my inbox cleared, but last check, we still haven't gotten the "you will pick parking on..." email. I'd bet that the ongoing Cy-Town construction has thrown a wrench in the usual flow of things? Anyone else getting nervous about the reduction of spaces in one of the...
  10. dunar

    Why is the ACC getting more

    I think a couple - The Quarrymen and? I forget. :jimlad:
  11. dunar

    We Will Pizza!

    I would! And would strongly consider giving up tailgating and only eating We Will 'za at games
  12. dunar

    Farmageddon Hypothetical

    There have been some excellent suggestions for trophies, I personally liked the half cardinal/half purple tractor to be driven to the site of the game each year and driven home by the winner. We've only had two trophy games. Ever. Cy-Hawk and Telephone. I think we need to get a non-con w/...
  13. dunar

    ***Official 2024 Transfer Thread***

    We got a nice ride in on Saturday, went to East Peru for the tenderloin at the bar. It was pretty good! And cheap. I'd recommend. An aside: there's East Peru, and the cemetery up the hill just says Peru. Where is West Peru?
  14. dunar

    J'Vonne Hadley (Curtis Jones' cousin) to have zoom meetings with Iowa State & MSU this week

    MIS/TransLog 2001 here. TransLog was my minor, became the 2nd major by accident. I got called into the advising office the last semester, and avoided going in, thinking I'd just sneak by and avoid whatever issue they needed to see me about... Finally, the full time trucker at work (ISU Surplus!)...
  15. dunar

    ***Official 2024 Transfer Thread***

    Or Edinburgh. Go to the Edinburgh Diner. Order a tenderloin. Trust me. I have pics, we stopped driving back from Cincinnati. The server said we could get additional buns - the 'loin was huge, probably needed at least three buns. We were not smart and ordered fries and onion rings. It did not...
  16. dunar

    Kayden Proctor discussion

    FWiW, he was rumored to be at Mills Civic HyVee a couple weeks ago. In Bama gear, with another huge dude (also in Bama gear.) Not during spring break, right after. My first question was, "Shouldn't he be in class somewhere right now?" Like how does he stay eligible if he's not attending classes?
  17. dunar

    Omaha enters the transfer portal (confirmed)

    I grew up with Ryan, was probably in the English class in high school when he wrote his first children’s book.
  18. dunar

    Omaha enters the transfer portal (confirmed)

    IIRC, before the Marshall plane crash, freshmen were not allowed to play on the "main" (varsity, whatever) team. We Are Marshall has the whole part about the president petitioning the NCAA to allow it because of the circumstances. (And how does that movie connect directly to ISU? Not the...
  19. dunar

    *** Official #10 Illinois vs #4 IOWA STATE Game(Day) Thread ***

    No dogs allowed on the island. They've recently re-introduced wolves, apparently the population died off after a visitor's dog spread an illness to the wolves that were there naturally. Isle Royale is one of the most "untouched" wilderness areas in the US. There are trails and camps, but it's...
  20. dunar

    Valley WR Zay Robinson Commits

    My oldest boy reported this to me before I saw it here (I have been lurking more in the bball and wrestling forums lately, but still...) Zay played Y bball with my son this year, well, my boy was the "coach" due to working most game days. I have no further info. :D