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  1. 4Cyclones

    RV D1 parking pass for sale $100

    The original buyer is a no-show. RV D1 pass is available again. Ron 515-202-3504
  2. 4Cyclones

    RV D1 parking pass for sale $100

    SOLD! Thanks for reply's. I will re-post Friday at 5pm IF the sale falls thru
  3. 4Cyclones

    PERSONNEL: Jacob Park, young LB notes

    Sia......I like Joeldozer
  4. 4Cyclones

    Calling the Next Commitment

    Wtf. Really?
  5. 4Cyclones

    Taking my 2017 high school grad on visit to campus tomorrow

    Anyone have any tips since its been almost 30 years since I have navigated campus? do? donts?
  6. 4Cyclones

    Parking lot selection -- anyone get their time assignment yet?

    Has Anyone recently selected their lots to know what lot they are out to yet? I select on Friday at noon
  7. 4Cyclones

    Cheikna Dembele

  8. 4Cyclones

    Cheikna Dembele

  9. 4Cyclones

    Tell em "I'm The Man"

    HE IS THE MAN! rep x10
  10. 4Cyclones

    Alaric Jackson to announce on Monday!

    . fify
  11. 4Cyclones

    One killed in Hit and Run near campus this AM

    Becareful around sharp objects when living in a bubble......geeesh
  12. 4Cyclones

    Some posters I made for Thursday's game!

    lmfao outloud
  13. 4Cyclones

    Demond Tucker talks about his All-Big 12 honor

    I like the humility and the sound of determination in his voice about preparing for next year....I would not want to line up opposite of!
  14. 4Cyclones

    Mark May

    I don't often agree with clonedude, but when I do, it is when he makes sense like this^
  15. 4Cyclones

    Down goes #6!!

    Ding ding ding! Bill, please tell Cynonomous what he won.
  16. 4Cyclones

    Secondary vs TT Wideouts

    I think we will see a decent pass rush which help the db's....TT has shown that a good pass rush can get to the QB
  17. 4Cyclones

    RB by committee?

  18. 4Cyclones

    FOOTBALL: Jhaustin Thomas info

    Gunners mom doesn't count. ...BOOM
  19. 4Cyclones

    Weekend Warrior Thread

    Concussion, 2 broken ribs, and a strain in lower back on 4th of July this year from water skiing on slalom. Doc also found a fractured vertebrae in my neck apparently that went unnoticed in previous accident. I am 48 yes old. Not 18 anymore.