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  1. nrg4isu

    Rocco's Camp and CF Livestream

    Anyone else catch CW and Blum (and Aiden, VanWinks, Jacqueline, Connor, etc) covering Rocco's camp in Perry? Probably the most fun I've had watching any live steam on YouTube, CW or otherwise. The production was sorta a weird Barstool meets College GameDay, etc. We as fans are super blessed...
  2. nrg4isu

    Interesting NCAA Committee news...

    You know you're DEEP into the off season when everyone literally starts speaking in Greek.
  3. nrg4isu

    When do you think you will buy a 100% pure electric vehicle?

    I'm saying that roads are a universally important of our society. Everything that has sales tax should share the burden of paying for the roads, not just gas specifically.
  4. nrg4isu

    When do you think you will buy a 100% pure electric vehicle?

    You asked for ideas. Here's one. Remove the gas tax all together and add it to sales tax. ALL of us benefit from our roads regardless of whether or not we drive on them. Of course heavy vehicles should have more restrictions/fees like they currently do, but gas tax doesn't make any sense...
  5. nrg4isu

    2024-25 ISU FB Early Predictions and Offseason Discussion

    I do feel better knowing that Nebraska has had MOR pain though
  6. nrg4isu

    Who do you think our best safety is?

    Best is difficult to qualify here. They're 3 different positions. I went with Freyler because he's consistently good and has avoided missing time due to injury. That said Cooper might have the best NFL talent.
  7. nrg4isu

    2025 Football Targets (Offer List in OP)

    It's probably self evident. High school CBs that project to P4 football are heavily recruited. CMC and Broomfield must have come to the conclusion that some HS WRs and Safties can grow into starting CBs better than the guys we could get from HS. Tampa was a WR right? I know Sama was originally...
  8. nrg4isu

    ***Official 2024 Weather Thread***

    Meh, it's somewhat overblown. Is the weather getting worse? Yes, but you're also being told about it LOUDLY 24/7. Are politics getting worse? Probably, but its been worse before, and you're being told about it LOUDLY 24/7. Are college athletics getting worse? Maybe, but its been worse before...
  9. nrg4isu

    Williams & Blum Wednesday: Preseason poll, realignment speculation, and The Tornado Game

    This was such a weird game for me, but I remember it better than almost any other ISU game I've been to. Started by running into an ex girlfriend as I walked in. I wasn't in any mood to catch up so pretty much dodged her on my way to my seats lol. Then of course the tornado and taking...
  10. nrg4isu

    ***Official 2024 Weather Thread***

    I see my sister's house in this video. Looks like the houses are ok, but that course might take a bit of work to get back into playing condition
  11. nrg4isu

    Kickin’ It with Dan McCarney: Football and life

    While I'd love to hear Troy's stories, I'm not sure he's exactly what you'd call a great interview. If I remember some of the post game interviews back in the day correctly...
  12. nrg4isu

    ***2024 Olympics Thread***

    Agreed. Our living room has 10ft ceilings and I pointed out to my wife that she was 2ft higher than that - "no way" was the response. Even if the floor is springboard it's crazy impressive. All that said, with the injuries, USA women's gymnastics looks a bit shaky heading into the Olympics
  13. nrg4isu

    Summer Series: Inside Cyclone Football with ISU Offensive Line Coach Ryan Clanton

    I'm convinced that offensively we changed nothing going into that game and Memphis had our book at least as far as run plays goes. I'm also convinced that next to zero effort was put into the bowl game game plan and coaching wise. Instead it was already off-season. Yes it sucked, but I'm okay...
  14. nrg4isu

    Tyrese got PAID

    That dude just gets it as far as building his own brand. I'm not at all a WWE guy, but this is genuis by him
  15. nrg4isu

    ***2024 Olympics Thread***

    I think this is the right call. I'm not saying she doesn't have the skill/juice to be on the team... but the front line is pretty well stacked. Rodman would be the one I question, but she's got top end speed which is necessary on the world stage.
  16. nrg4isu

    Summer Series: Inside Cyclone Football with ISU Offensive Line Coach Ryan Clanton

    Ahh, screw it. After watching Clanton, I'm ready to be excited about having an above average line. Personally, I think last year was already a big step in the right direction. Yeah they struggled at times, but I liked what I saw overall. I also believe Clanton is the real deal as both a coach...
  17. nrg4isu

    ****Official Class Of 2025 Recruiting Thread****

    There was a short documentary about him while he was at IMG. I'm pretty sure he was 7'9" then. It'll be interesting to see how his career goes, but my expectations are low at this point. His biggest challenge is avoiding injury.
  18. nrg4isu

    Different music for different emotions

    I feel like the general population would benefit by understanding how different things effect our emotions in different ways. Lighting, music, exercise, what we eat, different smells, etc. I occasionally will use these things to "set the mood". I don't (always) mean that romantically. If...
  19. nrg4isu

    ***Official 2024 Weather Thread***

    This is probably a stupid idea, but if the dam was planned to be removed anyway why not call up the military and ask if they would like to use it for target practice? It might save a bunch of time/effort in restoring roadway and the banks of the river...
  20. nrg4isu

    Got home and my AC isn't working

    Isn't that a good thing? BYU keeps saying it's a good thing.