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  1. Nedrick

    RECRUITING: Football commits

    That's some impressive homework Jared! Thanks for all your efforts keeping us updated on recruiting.
  2. Nedrick

    More new coaches confirmed...

    Found his bio: One of the most experienced coaches in Nevada's staff, Jim Hofher enters his third year as the Wolf Pack's assistant head coach and wide receivers coach. Hofher has two head coaching stints in his accomplished career while the 2015 season will mark his 35th year of coaching...
  3. Nedrick

    More new coaches confirmed...

    Did Hofher work with Kaepernick?
  4. Nedrick

    2012 Media Day photos

    Great shots, thanks for sharing...but a tiny criticism. Your watermark is just a little distracting. Any way you could make it a little more transparent for future albums?
  5. Nedrick

    CFTV: White/Brackins postgame reaction

    By the way, here are the highlights from channel 5
  6. Nedrick

    ESPN the Mag's best sports history moment in Iowa...

    Nope, but I'm sure ISU's moment was the freshest in the minds of those being polled...
  7. Nedrick

    ESPN the Mag's best sports history moment in Iowa...

    Yeah - just received it today. No mention of the Mighty Hox at all...
  8. Nedrick

    ESPN the Mag's best sports history moment in Iowa...

    "The Iowa State Cyclones derail Oklahoma State's 2011 BCS title chances, outgunning the Cowboys 37-31 in double overtime." This was determined from a survey with 105,000 votes cast. The runner-up with UNI's NCAA win over KU.
  9. Nedrick

    How much do you give to your church?

    10-12% regularly. (And the great thing is, we never miss it!)
  10. Nedrick

    Need help naming baby boy

    We named our 2nd boy Everett. It's an old-school name that's unique. My Norwegian grandfather's name was Askel. (Only problem is it sounds too much like ***hole!)
  11. Nedrick

    Thinking about moving to Boise

    My sister lived there for several years and we had a couple of chances to visit. Loved the area -- beautiful surroundings and very clean city. (Seems like a bunch of hippies settled there, so there's a pretty strong green initiative) If you're into outdoors activities like fishing and hunting...
  12. Nedrick

    Divorcing the Cable Company - Advice Needed

    What about kids' channels like Cartoon Network? That'd be a deal breaker for our family.
  13. Nedrick

    Schedule out - when do tics go on sale?

    Why is ISU playing AT Texas for the 3rd year in a row!??!?
  14. Nedrick

    And another one bites the dust...

    The latest is that he'll go the JUCO route in Kansas and join K-State in 2013.
  15. Nedrick

    And another one bites the dust...

    Just heard from a Hawk player's dad that he really is considering us...
  16. Nedrick

    New WR coach?

    Nice find -- wonder if he's been interviewing since being let go at KU?
  17. Nedrick

    Adventures of Tintin worth seeing with kids?

    I wasn't familiar with the stories, but really enjoyed the movie as did my boys (8 & 10). Great animation...
  18. Nedrick

    MESS named OC

    Gotta admit, I didn't jump for joy either. But CPR must see something in Mess I don't. At least he has OC experience. Time will tell... I am a little concerned about finding a special teams coach though. Mess seems to have shored that area up nicely. (With exception of the oft-troubled field...
  19. Nedrick

    "All In" photo?

    Thanks guys!
  20. Nedrick

    "All In" photo?

    I'd love to have a photo of ISU football's "All In" slogan. Could be the tag on their helmets or the sign by the locker room. If anyone knows where I could find one, I'd great appreciate it! TIA!