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  1. cyfan21

    Iowa State Themed Kicks

    Or...You could take the thread down and stop making us look like a bunch of idiots.
  2. cyfan21

    Iowa State Themed Kicks

    Those are the ugliest things I've ever seen. Burn them and never show them again.
  3. cyfan21

    Retirement Targets

    I'm on my 4th year. Wish I had started earlier. I'd recommend fidelity to anyone that's looking for an easy to use brokerage account.
  4. cyfan21

    South Dakota pheasant hunt

    Can I come?
  5. cyfan21

    Retirement Targets

    Maybe they can paint the roof green like Beardshear Hall. They always said on campus tours the top was green because that's where all the money was kept.
  6. cyfan21

    Dmitri Stanley trying out with Packers

  7. cyfan21

    RECRUITING: Iowa State beats Utah to land JUCO corner Matt Bess

    How? Claim they’ve never been beaten???
  8. cyfan21

    ***Official 2024 Transfer Thread***

    I'm surprised you don't have Packers on your list
  9. cyfan21

    What are you drinking tonight?

    No. But my next door neighbors are.
  10. cyfan21

    Coolest Thing Made in Iowa

  11. cyfan21

    Podcast recommendations

    History Marche is pretty good if you like history and war
  12. cyfan21

    What Sports Do You Like?

    I said only NFL. I like watching all iowa states televised game but I’m not watching a random college game for either sports. I would watch an nfl football game even if I don’t have a fan allegiance to any team though.
  13. cyfan21

    ***2024 Minnesota Vikings***

    Kansas City would’ve been better
  14. cyfan21

    MLB: ***2024 Minnesota Twins***

    Is that related to all the physicals he failed for all the other teams he wanted to play for before settling with the twins???
  15. cyfan21

    What are you drinking tonight?

  16. cyfan21

    2024 Mens CBB Coaching Carousel

  17. cyfan21

    Leonard Johnson in Knees Over Toes Guy video

    Neat video. I was curious what LJ was up to and wiki says he's an assistant coach for Buffalo.
  18. cyfan21

    2024 Mens CBB Coaching Carousel

    Drew leaves Baylor for Kentucky...Does Tang leave KState for Baylor????
  19. cyfan21

    Is pay-for-play ruining sports?

  20. cyfan21

    In honor of Easter, what's your favorite frozen pizza?

    Jack’s supreme ftw