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  1. 907CY

    Jalynn Bristow Transferring

    The sky is not falling, but interestingly, so many student-athletes are joining the portal. I hope the portal will bring us some talent from the other side.
  2. 907CY

    Jalynn Bristow Transferring

    One, I count four so far. None were starters, so that is a good thing.
  3. 907CY

    Jalynn Bristow Transferring

    I would expect a couple each season, but four is getting to be more than that. At least none of the four were starters.
  4. 907CY

    Jalynn Bristow Transferring

    View is gone, too, so that won't be a problem now. Another season with a mass exodus.
  5. 907CY

    Iowa High School Girls BB game?

    Since Estherville had a famous dirt track in the 50s and 60s that could have determined the name,
  6. 907CY

    *** Official West Virginia vs #6 IOWA STATE Game(Day) Thread ***

    Well, Gilbert did not have his A-game today. Besides the great defense late in the game, we looked tired throughout the show. I hope we pick it up a little next game.
  7. 907CY

    T J

    I know him personally, and the guy you see on the court is not the same outside the gym. He has a great sense of humor, and how can he be wrong if Aus agreed to marry him?
  8. 907CY

    RECRUITING: '25 quarterback Alex Manske gives recruitment update

    It is good that the old North Central Conference is still producing top Athletes. Welcome Alex.
  9. 907CY

    We Will Pizza!

    Get the two Bacon brothers over there and put their faces on the pizzas with bacon.
  10. 907CY

    ***WBB: 2025 Recruiting Thread***

    She would be a dedicated player if she plays for North Tartan and travels from Fargo to the Twin Cities. She is listed on the 16U North Tartan travel team with Mckenna Johnson of ND. I would like to see the Cyclones get both of them in the 2025 class.
  11. 907CY

    Asking again: Has the rot started to set in?

    I am not going to bite on this **** thread, either. Thanks for adding my picture to the front of your thread.
  12. 907CY

    Who's On Pollard's Short List?

    I am not going to bite on this **** thread.
  13. 907CY

    BOWL: Liberty Bowl vs Memphis Dec 29

    Okay. I will bite. Best BBQ? Cyclone Bar, if there is one? Best breakfast place? As I am expecting a hangover to happen after we kick Memphis's butt. I think we will win by at least two touchdowns.
  14. 907CY

    BOWL: Liberty Bowl vs Memphis Dec 29

    Memphis has enough going for it that I decided to spend the weekend there and attend the game.
  15. 907CY

    RECRUITING: Alex Manske on being a top quarterback target, frontrunners in his recruitment

    Isn't there a third player out of Algona that interests us? He could even be out of Algona Garrigan, as they did have a state-champion team this year.
  16. 907CY

    RECRUITING: Alex Manske on being a top quarterback target, frontrunners in his recruitment

    He is on the same level as Moberly, our incoming QB recruit from SEP. He plays at a smaller school but it still has good competition.
  17. 907CY

    ***2023 Iowa High School Football Playoffs***

    Yes, now that the taxpayers have to support them, or at least the kids that they recruit.
  18. 907CY

    Proud of the team tonight!

    I hate moral victories. So, I will not talk about how young we were or how well we did against the best team we have played all year. I am going to talk about improvement. I was one of those whining about how bad we were when we lost to Ohio, and what I watched tonight was an improvement in...
  19. 907CY

    Official Apology Thread: Has the rot set in?

    I will apologize, but I feel that the upturn has more to do with CMC turning over some of the responsibilities to the other coaches rather than micromanaging every aspect of the Cyclone offense. What we saw last night was amazing and the young players were a sign of what was to come.
  20. 907CY

    Bowl Eligible!

    Bowl eligible, and the announcers were saying that our offensive line was dominating the BYU defense was amazing. Before the season, the line couldn't dominate the Sisters of Perpetual Motion, let alone any Power 5 team. Maybe that new line coach is the real thing. I want just one thing for...