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    *** Cyclone Fanatic Sports Movie Tournament: Elite Eight ***

    Hoosiers vs The Sandlot is all tied up with Rulzzz as the tiebreaker.
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    *** Cyclone Fanatic Sports Movie Tournament: Sweet Sixteen***

    “How do you judge yourself against other golfers?” “By height” I love that line from Caddyshack, but The Sandlot is still a better movie.
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    *** Cyclone Fanatic Sports Movie Tournament: Round of 32 ***

    Agreed. Caddyshack has some scenes I love, (I quote it every time I go golfing), but I really don't think Rodney Dangerfield is funny at all.
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    MLB: ***2024 Minnesota Twins***

    Who will be sent down when Royce comes up? Julien has been slumping. Kirilloff and Larnach are a little redundant. Margot and Farmer would have to be cut so I don’t think it will be them. It’s a tough decision.
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    How Often Do You Sneeze?

    A couple weird things that can make me sneeze are peppermint gum and walking into sunlight from a dark place. But overall I only sneeze when I’m sick.
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    Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga trailer

    I caught a late show and if you loved Fury Road you will love this too. Hemsworth was really good, and they build on the world a little more. I still think Fury Road is better but go see it. You will not be disappointed.
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    ***Official Pacers Playoff Thread***

    I totally agree. I’ve seen 100 made threes to send a game to overtime, but I’ve rarely ever seen the foul strategy backfire.
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    ***Official Pacers Playoff Thread***

    Love it! Can they steal a game in Boston?
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    ***Official 2024 Weather Thread***

    It might just be my neighborhood. We lose power with a gentle breeze, but it is usually back up quick. TWSS.
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    ***Official 2024 Weather Thread***

    Urbandale too.
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    Sports movies nominations Selection Show Thurs 5pm

    Probably not sports movies but the “sport” is on ESPN occasionally. The Color of Money and Rounders.
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    New Lord of the Rings Movie: The Hunt for Gollum

    Hopefully it’s better than the show that was on Amazon Prime which was incredibly boring.
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    MLB: ***2024 Minnesota Twins***

    Swept by the Yankees and only scored one run the entire series. The Twins are a good team, but they aren’t even competitive with the best teams such as the Dodgers, Orioles, and Yankees.
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    MLB: ***2024 Minnesota Twins***

    It’s hard to believe that guy is making 10m this year (luckily only 4m from the Twins). His two defensive plays today were some of the worst I have ever seen.
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    Calling all Horror Movie Fans: Favorites and Open Discussion

    I haven’t seen Abigail yet, but I wish the trailer didn’t give away the concept. How awesome would it be to walk into the movie not knowing what she was, ala From Dusk Till Dawn.
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    MLB: ***2024 Minnesota Twins***

    I heard a stat where through 17 games they were hitting.193 as a team. Only one American League team in history was worse than that, the 2003 Tigers who ended with 119 losses.
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    MLB: ***2024 Minnesota Twins***

    The schedule is pretty easy the rest of the month. They need to just hang close to .500 by June when most of the injured players get back. If they can do that they will be OK. If they are 10 games back in June they might be in trouble.
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    Movie Remakes - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

    Robocop was another movie from the 80’s that should have never been remade. The remake was awful.
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    MLB: ***2024 Minnesota Twins***

    That was a satire article. They come out every Friday on Twins Daily. Some of them are really funny so I encourage everyone to check them out.
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    MLB: ***2024 Minnesota Twins***

    I live in Urbandale. Just get Fubo tv. You will get all the Bally networks. It’s $80 the first month then $100 each month after that. Cancel anytime. They also have a free preview if you want to check it out. I’ve watched or recorded every game this year and seen all of the glorious strikeouts!