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  1. Broodwich

    Longhorn Network Access

    I was able to get to the event on the website and can use that as a workaround if all-else fails.
  2. Broodwich

    Longhorn Network Access

    I added the sports pack and have restarted my app. I can't seem to get it to show in the programming guide.
  3. Broodwich

    Longhorn Network Access

    It's not showing in my guide.
  4. Broodwich

    Longhorn Network Access

    Anyone having issues with Longhorn Network showing on Playstation Vue?
  5. Broodwich

    Templeton Rye is a Fake

    If it's any consolation to you every sip of Granite City beer in the United States is made in Ellsworth, Iowa.
  6. Broodwich

    relationship advice

    Sounds to me like you are fishing for an affirmation of what you already know is the correct course of action. Have some conviction and stand up for what you feel is right.
  7. Broodwich

    Misc: Iowa Wild

    I was told this was the largest franchise opener in AHL history. I guess people do care here. Well polished all around, with the exception of getting smoked out with the team entrance. It was a very defensive game, but getting the W was huge.
  8. Broodwich

    UNI Tailgate Menus

    So, we're under a week away. Considering the heat and the late kick I'd like to hear from those who like to go big for tailgate food on what you're planning on for your menu plan.
  9. Broodwich

    Iowa Wild Schedule Released incl. $2 beers every Friday home game.

    per the Iowa Wild website: News Releases These guys are marketing geniuses!
  10. Broodwich


    You mean halloumi, the cheese you can grill.
  11. Broodwich

    NHL Playoffs

    I got third-row, attack twice corner tickets for a little over $500 for 38 home games.
  12. Broodwich

    Wild AHL Affiliate to Des Moines?

    Done. Wild will officially seek approval to move AHL team to Iowa |
  13. Broodwich

    Wild AHL Affiliate to Des Moines?
  14. Broodwich

    Birds in dryer vent

  15. Broodwich

    Wild AHL Affiliate to Des Moines?

    As a non-Wild fan Duluth will never happen. Duluth isn't even 100k and the DECC has the Bulldogs as a tenant. The AHL won't dilute a market that has a exceptionally strong college program that has recently won the national title, and I am sure UMD doesn't want the AHL halving its' fanbase.
  16. Broodwich

    Birds in dryer vent

    My wife found two opossum babies hanging out in our dryer vent tube two years ago. I could be worse.
  17. Broodwich

    Wild AHL Affiliate to Des Moines?

    MSE is smart. They are going to extend and cash in on their brand. If they have a quality marque, they know that Des Moines fans would be apt to purchase both Des Moines branded merchandise AND Wild gear. There's too much money in jerseys and merchandise for them not to tap in to this. I...
  18. Broodwich

    Wild AHL Affiliate to Des Moines?

    Much of the news regarding this development was broken here: If this is a topic that interests you I would suggest that you keep an eye on this site.
  19. Broodwich

    Wild AHL Affiliate to Des Moines?

    Ah, the tired and loathesome "support" arguments. Is this an attempt at a self-fulfilling prophecy? The last incarnation of AHL hockey was brought to the area by Howard Baldwin who owned portions of the Hartford Whalers, Penguins and Minnesota North Stars. Before the first puck dropped in...
  20. Broodwich

    First time at Texas Roadhouse - Disappointed

    The amount of time people spend waiting at Texas Roadhouse, they could spend driving to the Open Flame in Gilbert, and back. Twice.