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    do's and don'ts of the best man's wedding speech

    Don't read it off your cell phone. If anything, take an index card and list a few things you want to talk about and talk about, don't read it. Less is more!
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    Transfer Portal Tracker

    TJ Bollers, a transfer portal guy from Wisconsin, originally from Clear Creek Amana, weren't we in on him in high school? Didn't know if that was a guy we'd be interested in???
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    Texas game is on the Longhorn Network

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    Kinnick booing players

    Purdue goes. Illinois needs both Iowa and Purdue to lose.
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    Looks like Jaquan Amos has chosen ISU:

    Tyler Catalina was the player. He's in the CFL now. I believe you are correct about his brother.
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    Life Mottos

    When you ain' got got nothing to lose! Bob Dylan
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    Podcasts still not available in Android apps

    That worked for me. Look up Cyclone Fanatic...... Go to the new/different logo. It has the Cyclonefanatic logo, but also says "Podcast." If you download that one, you should be good to go & all the new episodes show up. Thanks
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    Cannibal sandwich

    Anybody ever had Raw Dog?????
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    [Commitment Watch] TJ Bollers

    My only Cyclone hope is he was supposed to commit last week. I think Thursday or commitment. Maybe he's having 2nd thoughts to Wisconsin???
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    John Prine dead at 73

    You have brought up some songs I have not heard. I will need to check them out. I always liked, That's The Way The World Goes Round, Fish n' Whistle, Grandpa was a Carpenter, In Spite Of Ourselves.......those are some good ones as well- RIP John, you will be missed!
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    OT: Cord cutting questions

    Hey folks......I am a directv customer and my agreement is up & hoping they will give a offer I can't refuse. Instead, they are making Bobby Knight angry. My question main TV is a smart tv. Have a tv in my kitchen & bedroom are not? What do you do? Buy a Smart TV or a Roku or...
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    He definitely played better last night. I believe one of the games he had 2 holding penalties. He held is own last night.
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    I think Iowa State's last 4 year player from the state of Iowa was Jared Homan, who graduated in 2005 I believe. Long time!
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    ISU vs OSU -- 4 Tickets - $30

    Is that $30 each?
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    Recruits @ TCU Game

    Has John Waggoner from Dowling committed anywhere yet? I didn't think so.....was wondering if we had any shot at him yet? I hadn't heard much about him lately or his recruitment?
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    Madison, Wisconsin

    Go to The Red Shed Bar........order a Real Deal! Couple of those & you'll be primed! Delicious!
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    Chris Soules Arrested

    Alfredo Parrish represented Pierre Pierce. My friend, who is lawyer says he's known as "The Prince of Darkness!"
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    Curious who ISU fans think got the better coach ...

    You always wonder about guys that jump jobs every couple of years? Is Purdue is dream job & will jump at that if Painter ever leaves? Only been the tournament twice...never been to at a school more than 3 years?!?!?!? Illinois could be a sleeping giant if the right coach got in there. That...
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    Sprint Center has opened up more all session tickets for Big 12 Mens Tourney

    If Kansas loses........there will be tickets everywhere!