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    KU T-Shirt Ideas?

    Love this idea. What text would you put? “It was a charge!”
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    KU T-Shirt Ideas?

    Hey all… a friend and I got some floor seats for the game next weekend against KU. Any ideas for funny t-shirt design? We are lacking creativity.
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    3 tickets needed

    Secured 3 tickets. Thank you
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    3 tickets needed

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    3 tickets needed

    3 tickets needed for cyHawk game. Please let me know cost and section.
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    FS: SOLD 3 tickets ISU vs Iowa

    I will take them if available
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    Week 1 Tailgating Observations

    I apologize for the dumb question but several web searches didn’t help me. Where do I go to buy the passes tomorrow morning when they go on sale?
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    *** Official IOWA STATE Vs TCU Gameday Thread ***

    Worst defense of the year... is it next year yet?
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    Cyclones +10.5 @ TCU

    Classic... I don’t know how the oddsmakers do this crap. That line looked redic... yet we lose by 20. Don’t gamble kids.
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    Cyclones +10.5 @ TCU

    This is one of those head scratching, bet the farm lines that never goes like you think. Something’s off on the line, and everything says take Clones... in these incidents, you bet opposite. With that said... I’m taking the cyclones!
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    Tailgating in Manhattan.

    We are 30 min out... where to continue drinking?
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    Manhattan, KS - What To Do

    Never been, but heading there this weekend. Wanted to get info on the scene there. Is it an outdoor tailgate environment, or are bars close? What bars/restaurants are worth checking out? Anything else to do while there?
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    ***Official 2017 Transfer Thread***

    You clearly have too much time d-bag.
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    ***Official 2017 Transfer Thread***

    I didn't see any mention of VA's Shayock... he's from Canada. 6'5 guard, was pretty good for Cavs.
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    COLUMN: The end of an era, and start of another

    I hope we have a golden era again... but the realist in me worries about if and when that can happen. I look at next year and see some great talent but it's not a tourney team unless Prohm can get some serious transfers at the 3/5 spot. Heavy heart for a while, here.
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    A cyclones fan hurt in summary

    Biggie is a mini Shaq. Kudos to Purdue for having more donuts to motivate that large motha f'r.
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    A cyclones fan hurt in summary

    Not the point of the thread, but fair opinion. They beat us... regardless of reason or who was better. It just sucks a$$.
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    A cyclones fan hurt in summary

    We all put our hearts and souls into every team, every year. We all feel a part of the team. Family memories, hopes and some hidden tears. Hoiberg, Michalek, Wiiloughby, Fizer, Tinsey, Nurse, Horton...Naz, Monte, Burton, Georges, Thomas... Every year it hurts. This is the end of a era.. a...