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    Peace Tree is for sale

    3x EBITDA at most
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    I have 3…got fixed 21 yrs ago…im old‍
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    They can work..9 yrs on dating apps and met the one a yr ago. Be patient, have fun, be safe.
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    Top 5 Albums

    Ride the Lightning- Metallica Let there be Rock- ACDC Let it Be - Replacements Lights Out- UFO Never Mind the Bollocks- Sex Pistols
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    Top 5 Songs

    Great call on The Ledge
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    Top 5 Songs

    Heaven and Hell - Sabbath Diary of a Madman- Ozzy Just Another Suicide- UFO Crown of Thorns- Vanden Plas God Save the Queen- Sex Pistols
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    What's the best opening track of an album?

    Bravo! Havent listened all the way through for 40 years!
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    Offseason game of the day thread

    Guys— keep these coming… the offseason is looong! Great job
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    "Get off my lawn!" music thread

    They were pretty hardcore punk back then on the SST label with Black Flag etc.
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    Nostalgia - Childhood Toys

    Dirt clods…
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    "Get off my lawn!" music thread

    I like the first one alot! Meat Puppets debut album came out in 1982
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    Best Campustown Bars by Decade

    Anyone remember Johnny’s Ringside Lounge?
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    Best Campustown Bars by Decade

    Loved Dugan’s. Bass Ale on tap
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    I'm going to the Masters

    What most people do is get there before the gates open, and they put their Masters chairs wherever they wanna be amen corner, 18 Green, etc. they do have boxes I don’t believe you have to pay for them. You will not be able to take your phone with you on the course on Saturday, phones are...
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    Meniscus repair

    I have had both torn. First was football (impct) related in 1980, took 6 weeks recovery. 2nd was 2018 and nowhere near as bad….walked without crutches 2 days later. Either way I would recommend PT at first..learn the exercises and do them on your own. Best of luck!
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    What are you drinking tonight?

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    *** Official Selection Sunday Thread ***

    I agree..beat teams u should and then IL for E8. Tough region for sure but doable!
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    Nigel's horrible take on 90's NBA

    I listen to the podcast weekly but shut it off as soon as he started the rant….it was soooo uninformed. Ughh
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    (Almost) Perfect Record Albums...

    PiL. Album not a fan of Bags however
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    NFL: ***2023 San Francisco 49ers***

    This o line is trash‍