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    ***Official 2024 Chicago Cubs Thread***

    It’s almost as if Counsell isn’t the ‘best manager in baseball’ when he doesn’t have Hader and Williams to close out every close game…what a joke of a team
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    ***Official 2023 Chicago Cubs Thread***

    Wondering why they didn’t make an attempt at keeping Candelario?
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    Tough day for EIU hoops hopes

    Iowa has won exactly 1 game in Hilton Coliseum the last 20 years and that was against one of our down Prohm teams when they had Garza and Weiscamp in 2019…their last win in Ames before that was the 2003 postseason NIT… What are you talking about, ‘we never get up for them’?…we’re usually just...
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    MLB: Craig Counsell to the Cubs

    I’m a diehard cubs fan and hope this ends up being the best hire of all time…i just do not understand what Craig Counsell has ever accomplished to warrant the most money EVER for a manager…It would’ve been difficult to suck in Milwaukee for anyone with all of those elite arms
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    MLB: Craig Counsell to the Cubs

    Having an phenomenal bullpen is a HUGE part of that
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    MLB: Craig Counsell to the Cubs

    Highest paid manager in MLB history…are the Cubs under the impression nobody else could’ve had some regular season success and NO postseason success with Yelich, Burnes, Peralta, Woodruff and the best (if not one of the best bullpens) in baseball the last several years?
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    Realignment Megathread (All The Moves)

    As the most northern school, ‘Winter is Coming’ seems like a layup marketing ploy..(insert two snare taps and cymbal tap here)…
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    Dedric Willoughby Passes Away at 49

    He was an absolute killer on the court with a smile that was genuine and not cocky…everyone we played against knew he was our offense and he still torched them..a genuine good person
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    ***Official 2021 NCAA Tournament Thread***

    Tech, West Virginia, and Okie State all could’ve won today if they would’ve just calmed the **** down on offense and valued the basketball....SOOO much carelessness with the basketball and panicked terrible shots
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    ***NCAA Championships (March 18-20)***

    It’d be nice to have ONE person outperform their seed...let alone live up to it
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    ***NCAA Championships (March 18-20)***

    This is embarrassing. What an incredible disappointment for the expectations we had this year
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    Official Announcement of TJ as the New Iowa State Mens BBall Coach

    I hope TJ does so well that the Bulls WANT to hire him in 4 years, but don’t because they know the feedback of hiring a 3rd Iowa State coach would be too brutal
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    ***NCAA Championships (March 18-20)***

    About to be 0-4..thought we’d be at minimum 2-2 with a shot to win all 4
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    ***NCAA Championships (March 18-20)***

    3 matches that we’re either favored in or toss ups and 2 or 3 combined takedowns?...way to show up fellas
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    ***NCAA Championships (March 18-20)***

    This is ridiculous
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    Report: T.J. Otzelberger headed for Iowa State

    Well..TJ wasn’t who I wanted us to hire but I thought the Bulls should’ve drafted Beasley over Rose at the time and was thrilled with the Prohm hire. Nothing but support for TJ and Clones basketball coming from me when it’s announced..hope he becomes the greatest coach in ISU basketball history...
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    Report: T.J. Otzelberger headed for Iowa State

    That’s possible but ‘TJ to Iowa State’ reports coming out would be bad for TJ and recruiting to UNLV if he was staying there and we’ve seen nothing saying ‘I’m committed to winning at UNLV’
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    Steve Prohm says he'll meet with Jamie Pollard to discuss his future next week...

    It’s unbelievable to me how much people think ‘ties to Iowa State’ or ‘the Midwest’ matter..literally every coach since Orr has brought talent to Iowa State..Wayne Morgan, Greg McDermott, and Jim Hallihan should be evidence that Midwest ties don’t matter...or the fact that literally every coach...
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    Anyone else hearing that JP has already decided Prohm is coming back?

    Ties to the program clearly don’t matter..Wayne Morgan had ‘ties to the program’...Hallihan had unbelievable ties to the program...does anyone wish we hired him instead of Tim Floyd who had zero ‘ties to the program’?.. That being said...I’d love having Hoiberg back although I think it’ll never...
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    Column about Hoiberg in the Lincoln Journal Star

    His brother is on the team this year as a transfer from Pitt and one of their better players