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  1. Chitowncy

    Thoughts on New Mexico

    I love NM as a state like so many others, and ABQ is a great city, but UNM just doesn't have the profile. It would water-down the TV contract. Love the basketball history and the PIT is a great environment for hoops though... at least it used to be. Not so sure about these days.
  2. Chitowncy

    Women flashing at sporting events.....

    I think we'll see less mass event flashing in the future (and probably already now) with future generations because they realize there's cameras everywhere these days and you can live in infamy on the internet. It's another sad reality of the internet and social media age. I think people are...
  3. Chitowncy

    Buying a house in Iowa...

    Sure, to each their own and I respect and appreciate your perspective. I know a lot of people are like you. There are also people like me who see the acres and acres of lawns and think "what a waste" when driving by and would find it more beautiful to see it full of "wildness" even if there's a...
  4. Chitowncy

    Buying a house in Iowa...

    Both of you (@Beernuts and @cydnote ) have really good points about an acreage and acreage life. I would add one thing that could help to those considering an acreage in Iowa - give some thought to adding more natural areas, like a prairie with a good wildflower seed mix, rather than acres of...
  5. Chitowncy

    Athletic Facilities across the Nation

    $700 million for a renovation. Wow. These ADs just have so much money.
  6. Chitowncy

    Bill Walton Dies at 71

    A fantastic tribute. What a good person Bill Walton was:
  7. Chitowncy

    State Tax Refunds

    This is a joke regarding the IRS and not the State Dept. of Revenue, but it always makes me laugh: To the OP, I haven't filed yet, but I know of people who filed around April 15 who haven't gotten their refund yet from State DOR.
  8. Chitowncy

    Lawn Mower - Reviews

    I've got a Greenworks electric push mower as well. This is it's 11th year. It is still working perfectly. I have about a 1/4 acre of lawn to mow with slopes and undulation. Bought it at Lowes. Hasn't broke down yet (fingers crossed)....
  9. Chitowncy

    Clogged Toilet

    Agreed. JM4CY finds himself squarely in the territory of "Whomever Smealt it, Dealt It." Reporting it up the chain of command will draw suspicion. Hmm. Tough spot. I would ask Tootenbacher for his/her/he/she/they/its advice. Only an expert can help you now.
  10. Chitowncy

    2024-25 Big 12 Rosters

    There is still a ways to go, but as of May 21, the bottom of the league is large and not looking very good relative to recent years. It's gotten diluted with the additional PAC teams except for Arizona. Also, OK State has really dropped off and same with West Va since Huggins left last year. The...
  11. Chitowncy

    Bird Migration and Misc Birding Thread

    Fantastic recommendation. Thanks! Bumping this for other interested birders. This app is amazing.
  12. Chitowncy

    Why is the ACC getting more

    True. It's crazy. As time goes on, the youngins' may think it was eventually the case and not know the true history. I'm not surprised to hear the BIG / SEC is using it's superior negotiating leverage to arrange the contracts in such a way, but man it stinks.
  13. Chitowncy

    New wrestling facility put on hold - Jamie Pollard statement

    Exactly. I would hope before cutting programs completely they think about making do with less. I just went to the soccer page for Iowa State, and the team has 4 coaches and 5 support staff (some of which are shared clearly). For a...
  14. Chitowncy

    ISU baseball team

    What year is this data from? It's surprising to me that Swimming and Diving, Women's T&F and softball make more revenue than wrestling? Huh... what kind of accounting and revenue reporting is going on? Wrestling we pay for tickets and softball is free. How can softball possibly make any money...
  15. Chitowncy

    Joshua Jefferson has committed to Iowa State

    Better defensive lineup than with Ward and King out there this year? Not sure; I hope you're right!! Just watching the highlights though of these players and having watched Ward all year, I know Ward has better bounce than either Jefferson or Jackson and was a better shot blocker. He made that...
  16. Chitowncy

    Tyrese Hunter Enters Portal Again

    Where did he talk trash? Maybe I missed it. That would change the facts, but where's your source to substantiate this? I think booing a past player like Hunter who played hard while he was here, was upstanding, honored his commitment to ISU and a new coach, and then left to take a lot of money...
  17. Chitowncy

    "Meh" recruits vs Heralded Ones.

    Craig Brackins was definetely a success obviously and lived up to expectations. I would LOVE to have Craig Brackins on next year's team. Man, could you imagine our ceiling to get him in on next year's roster as our last transfer? He's big, can rebound, I'm sure would improve and ratchet up his...
  18. Chitowncy

    Would you turn it in?

    All the movies I've seen of people finding cash don't end well for the people finding cash.....
  19. Chitowncy

    Edey and NIL

    With my limited knowledge of immigration law, it makes sense that collegiate athletes here on student visas are not able to make money and therefore Edey would not be able to make money off his NIL. Related to NIL, I'm curious how this is all working. For example, can the collective (a legal...
  20. Chitowncy

    Former UNI guard Nate Heise taking visit to Ames Monday (committed)

    Good shooter and nice player. Nojus seems to be similar to him though.... I trust this staff and TJ's first 3 years have been incredibly successful and overachieving, but I know we're all hoping to hear the news we've got a visit from a 6'8" beast of a power forward with athleticism who can...