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  1. tzjung

    K-State game in 2025 in Ireland (CONFIRMED)

    I completely agree....too bad my HOA doesn't. They do allow prairie areas though.
  2. tzjung

    Omaha enters the transfer portal (confirmed)

    Can I ask you a few questions? 1.) So, your opinion is that because you can't answer my very reasonable questions (no one really can except TJ) then I just shouldn't care? 2.) If Omaha was so bad, then why was he getting decent mins (playing pretty decently) when Watson had a concussion...
  3. tzjung

    Omaha enters the transfer portal (confirmed)

    How much damage can a kid do when you're up by 45? I made the same argument in a lot of those game threads and there was never a reasonable answer. If the problem is 'Omaha is going to fast' or 'Omaha isn't in the right position on defense', then how do you get improvement without experience...
  4. tzjung

    Omaha enters the transfer portal (confirmed)

    I'm just frustrated that Omaha didn't get more mins in non con. There were SEVERAL threads, even from CW, expecting him to get a lot of run in the games right before conference play and he just didn't get any mins. Even when we were winning by 45 points. I'll never understand why he wasn't...
  5. tzjung

    ***NCAA Second Round: (7) Iowa State at (2) Stanford [Sun., 9:00 CT]***

    She's really struggled tonight
  6. tzjung

    NCAA / NIT Idea

    I would do top 8 rankings in NET each (or some other metric based qualifier) host a Pod. No Neutrals.
  7. tzjung

    NCAA / NIT Idea

    NIT should start at on Mon night after selection Sunday starting at 32 teams. It should progress as 8 pods of 4 and conclude after 2 rounds (Mon/Tues) so there are 8 remaining teams. Those 8 teams then fill the last 8 at large bids to the NCAA tournament to get it to 64. 56 bids to the...
  8. tzjung

    FS: NCAA Omaha 3/23 LL 3 Tix

    There is no way this guy is a cyclone. He's a scalper.
  9. tzjung

    *** Official #7 IOWA STATE vs #1 Houston Game(Day) Thread ***

    Don't have anything valuable to add to this chat, just wanted to say I LOVE ALL YOU MOTHER *******!! GO STATE!!!
  10. tzjung

    Tang Postgame Comments

    The one that bounced off the ref! That was an awesome play!
  11. tzjung

    NFL: Kansas City Chiefs Thread

    Re-signing Snead
  12. tzjung

    Website Redirects

    Yep, getting redirects plus notification requests. Annoying as ****.
  13. tzjung

    Android weather app

    MyRadar is awesome. Then I use NOAA Weather app for forecasts
  14. tzjung

    YouTube TV Getting Ability to Split Into 4 Screens

    I bet it's some ******** about mixing ESPN and CBS
  15. tzjung

    *** Official #20 BYU vs #6 IOWA STATE Game(Day) Thread ***

    They did in Provo as well, driving me nuts.
  16. tzjung

    T.J. Tampa projected as first round pick going into NFL Combine

    Link to Kiper's Mock Draft: Edit: I should note that Cooper and TJ are both listed as 1st rounders here.
  17. tzjung

    Playoff Setup

    The thing is he's right. ESPN and Fox are now 100% SEC and Big10 propagandists. I would argue that not only 'could' this case be made, I would say those 2 networks WILL make that case with 100% certainty whether it's true or not. They are not here for objectivity, they are trying to add...
  18. tzjung

    49ers - Brock Purdy - Still and Always #1

    Steve Young was really, really good for years. He would have had an even longer career if ******* Lawrence Phillips (yes, that same one) could have picked up a basic corner blitz from Aneas Williams. When Steve Young retired he held the career passer rating record and it wasn't that close. He...
  19. tzjung

    49ers - Brock Purdy - Still and Always #1

    He was definitely concussed on that throw too.
  20. tzjung

    49ers - Brock Purdy - Still and Always #1

    I posted this on another thread, but it's also pertinent here: Brock Purdy will be the first QB in the history of the NFL to start 2 conference championship games in their first 2 years. Just Insanity, and I'm so proud of that kid.