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    Illinois matchup

    Have they announced who the officials are for the game tonight? If so, does anyone know if it's a favorable assignment for ISU?
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    Dear Jamie Pollard

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    Bracketology 2024

    Agree, this seems to be how the committee is evaluating KU. I would hope an ISU win over KU in Kansas City would be enough for the committee to put us clearly ahead of them as a 2 seed. Would be great for ISU to secure the Omaha location.
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    2023-2024 MBB computer projections thread

    What's going on with the Torvik Tourneycast? Ever since our TTU win, we dropped from the top 2 seed to the bottom 3 seed.
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    2023-2024 MBB computer projections thread

    I just threw a few bucks on ISU at +5000 for the Natl. Title!
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    4 LL Houston-SOLD

    Sent you a text message.
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    Where to stay in Key West?

    Any recommendations on where to watch the bowl game in Key West?
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    Poll: ISU -3 vs Baylor

    The line opened at ISU +1 or +1.5 I believe. Moved pretty quickly to ISU -1, -2, and then -3.
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    We Will Collective contributor numbers

    How far away is We Will from the $4-6M mark? What demographic helps other collectives get to that level that is failing to contribute to ISU, or is our fanbase just that much smaller in number?
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    WTB C3 Parking Pass UNI

    How much you asking?
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    WTB C3 Parking Pass UNI

    Looking for a C3 parking pass for UNI game.
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    *** Official #20 IOWA STATE vs Iowa Game(Day) Thread ***

    I like Kenpom, but it is currently factoring in too many games from last season. Check out Bart Torvik's T-Rank and set the start date to 11/2 to remove games from last season. ISU #23. Iowa #30. He does have Iowa as 4 point home favorites though...
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    FS: D3 parking pass sold

    Message sent
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    FS: Gone

    Will you take $50 for the parking pass?
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    Great tickets/D4 parking for WVU - Section V Row 10 (45 yard line) $160 for all

    Will you take $50 for the parking pass?
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    FS: SOLD: Parking Pass (B4)--100

    How much for only the parking pass?
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    FS: Sold

    Sent you a message.
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    Favorite Military Aircraft

    Don't forget the F-16 Falcon. One of my favorite jets growing up in the 80s and 90s.