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  1. cycloneNATEion

    Crappy Friley Bathroom

    Was visiting my buddy tonight who lives in Friley. Had to go to the bathroom and came to find someone had dropped a deuce in the urinal. I notified housing so hopefully they will get to the bottom of it ;)
  2. cycloneNATEion

    K-State look alikes

    Bill Snyder Bernie Sanders
  3. cycloneNATEion

    3rd Annual CGC Coaches Cook-Off and Picnic 2013 Saturday, June 1st

    He did!! It was fun to watch Coach K, I think it'll be great for the O line. My top 3 meats were Coach K, Douglas, Messingham
  4. cycloneNATEion

    keep it classy booker

    We won, all that matters. Really could've cost us though, while his physicality helps a lot needs to know when the time is right, finger was in the heat of the moment but is a no. Very happy with his play recently
  5. cycloneNATEion

    What will it take for a ref to call a moving pick against an ISU opponent?

    As stated, we have our fair share of moving picks too, just something not called AS often, like hooking.
  6. cycloneNATEion

    OFFICIAL: Iowa State @ Oklahoma State Game(day) Thread

    Man, loving the way our guys are playing! Great 3 by Clyburn! Love the ball movement! Go State!
  7. cycloneNATEion

    Royce Reinstated!

  8. cycloneNATEion

    Jok recruitment

    My very own hoover boys layed the wood to Peter Jok. Now, not to down on my unbelievable huskies, but you better believe the big 10 is going to have defense much more intense and with greater size. I believe Jok Avgs around 30 and hHS held VALLEY to 27, Jok to single digits. The fact that the...
  9. cycloneNATEion

    ***Official Texas/ISU Postgame Thread***

    It's been said a million times but McGee is simply a sparkplug. I love the energy he brings to the cyclones and his outside shooting is tremendous. Love the way he plays!!
  10. cycloneNATEion

    I would not trade Georges Niang for Nerlens Noel

    Love the way Georges is playing. Love that he's a cyclone, and can't wait for 4 years of 'em!
  11. cycloneNATEion

    Starting 22 for opener next season...maybe a couple of surprises?

    WR: West WR: Bundrage WR: Gary RB: White QB: Richardson TE: Brun (Bibbs) LT: Gannon LG: Tuftee C: Farniok RG: Big Dawg RT: Lichtenberg DE: Irving (Morrissey #2) DT: Aka NG: Jensen DE: Scott SLB: Broomfield MLB: George WLB: Miller CB: Watson FS: Washington SS: Brackens CB...
  12. cycloneNATEion

    Saturday night Grizzlies game halftime show

    I didn't see this posted but I could easily be wrong so just close if its already been mentioned. Last night at the Grizzlies game, they took 2 ISU players and 2 Tulsa players to compete in a shooting competition on the court. Representing the 'Clones was Brett Bueker and Jeremy Reeves. You...
  13. cycloneNATEion

    Blue Valley Northwest (Cyclone commit Clayton Custer) playing in DSM vs Valley today

    Not sure if anyone's posted but Blue Valley Northwest is making a trip up from Kansas to take on the Valley Tigers in Wells Fargo. Clayton Custer is on BVNW. Should be interesting!
  14. cycloneNATEion

    Allen Lazard Commits to ISU

    I played against Lazard this season. Extremely explosive player, very excited to have him!
  15. cycloneNATEion

    Bowl Rematch Trends (Spoiler: We Lose)

    We'll be fine. We beat them fairly handily the first time and there isn't much of a trend at 3/8
  16. cycloneNATEion

    RECRUITING: Campos is a Cyclone

    WOW!!! So excited when I saw this news!! Welcome Jake! All In!!
  17. cycloneNATEion

    gage shafer over jared brackens?

    As much as I'd like to be positive, 13 tackles for him is not really a good thing. He did what he could, but there was obviously a biggggg hole.
  18. cycloneNATEion

    NFL: Texans @ Bears

    Just about to post this. Great play, great to see Dobbins get it!!!!
  19. cycloneNATEion

    "Baby Face" Percy Gibson

    I thought it was Percy "Motown" Gibson!!!!
  20. cycloneNATEion

    David Sims starting at FS tonight

    Hah, pretty good mention there for sims by Mike Tirico. Talked about his college paths and how he was almost s garbage man and is now guarding jimmy Graham! Go David!