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  1. iacyguy

    Remaining schedule

    8 or more would be incredible. I feel more like 6, which would still be good.
  2. iacyguy

    Kansas on the 27th White Out

    University alwasy seems to do a poor job advertising these things. Hopefully they do a better job on getting the word out this year.
  3. iacyguy

    King Mclure alert

    I used to hate listening to King. He has gotten way better last few years though.
  4. iacyguy

    Who forgot to play Juicy Wiggle?

    That version of "In the Air Tonight" destroyed the speaker. It sounded so bad that it simultaniously killed by buzz and gave me a migraine.
  5. iacyguy

    Let Him Cook Podcast

    Great pod fellas. Looking forward to listening throughout the year!
  6. iacyguy

    Comedy scenes you like

    This scene had me in tears in the theater. Whole movie really builds up to this scene
  7. iacyguy

    Who is Iowa State's Top 3 Point Shooter of All Time?

    Crazy to think 4 of those guys played together for basically 3 years. Incredible run of great shooters
  8. iacyguy

    Proud Papa-Iowa State Varsity Marching Band

    I don’t know why but this post reminded me of when I called my Papa to tell him I was going to attend Iowa State. He was so excited and kept telling me how proud of me he was. He loved that I was member of the “VARSITY Marching Band!” Papa flew to NYC later that year just to watch me play in...
  9. iacyguy

    2023 College Announcer Crews

    Beth Mowins is back.....
  10. iacyguy

    What TV show are you streaming right now?

    3 episodes in on The Bear. Stressful but enjoyable so far
  11. iacyguy

    F1 2023 Discussion

    Continues to be my least favorite race on the grid. Qualifying is always great but the race is a pass for me.
  12. iacyguy

    Soares on WBB Staff - Grad Asst.

    Gotcha. I hadn't realized all that was going on. Thank you
  13. iacyguy

    Soares on WBB Staff - Grad Asst.

    I must have missed something. Wasn't she drafted? Did she just not make the team or is she just choosing to start a coaching career?
  14. iacyguy

    In Honor of Mother’s Day, what frozen dinner is best?

    They sell chicken wings that I put in the airfryer too that are the bomb. Chicken Tikka Masala is great. Their cauliflower rice stir frys are good too.
  15. iacyguy

    Seeking help for a new project...

    Idk if anyone still does this or if its even possible, but it used to be extremely easy to get on the roof of the Memorial Union
  16. iacyguy

    Tre King Officially Returning

    Love the energy this guy brought. I'd like to see him get more comfortable in the high post.
  17. iacyguy

    Help Me Annoy My Wife

    Wife might actually like this song and you can make fun of her for it
  18. iacyguy

    The Last of Us HBO series

    It's a great episode but it's kind of a bummer they are consistently dropping moments with the infected in favor of adding background for side characters.
  19. iacyguy

    Songs that fire up the crowd.

    Roll out the Barrell always gets me pumped up