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  1. hiltonisheaven

    PODCAST: Inside ISU football with Matt Campbell

    I’m glad he acknowledged the awful bowl game performance. I hope we see a hungry team in September that’s ready to freaking play!
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    Cytown Update

    And having a long lease term gives the AD a solid rev stream that can be used for budgeting and financing. Just need to do a lot more leases to make a big financial impact.
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    Cold Brew by Northern Vessel

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    We Will Membership May

    $10 per month
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    Smoking Meat Questions and Discussion

    Biggest Recteq negative is the Recteq App disabled the ability to remotely turn on the smoker. If I knew that feature would be disabled, I would have chosen a different brand. Feels like I was cheated on that point.
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    Smoking Meat Questions and Discussion

    First Pork Butt on the pellet smoker. 6 hours so far. Internal temp at 150 deg.
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    (Politic free thread) Jack Whitver Battling Brain Cancer

    For the sake of his kids, I wish him a speedy recovery.
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    Smoking Meat Questions and Discussion

    Yes I have the Patio Legend 410 and it’s great but it’s less than 6 months old. My Dad has had a 340 and a 590 for years and had great results. He had a wifi issue and said the customer service was top notch.
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    Smoking Meat Questions and Discussion

    I have the same issue with my Recteq Pellet Smoker. I use a Weber Kettle for burgers, chips, steaks, etc, basically anytime I want a sear. Pellet smoker is great for set and forget long smokes or can use it like an outdoor oven in the summer to bake anything. If I could do it over, I’d get the...
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    New wrestling facility put on hold - Jamie Pollard statement

    I’ve already boycotted all of their games. Still, there are a lot of ppl that turn on a random game in the background and others that will watch because they can’t help but gamble on those games.
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    Smoking Meat Questions and Discussion

    I’m not that consistent. If I’m going to do a pizza/salmon that I don’t want off flavors from past cooks then I’ll vacuum out the ash and replace the foil on the heat deflector at that time.
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    2024 Transfer Portal Tracker (Wrestling)

    I enjoyed the Cyclone radio guys trying to pronounce his name during Nationals. Can’t wait for next season.
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    Smoking Meat Questions and Discussion

    I’ve frozen racks of smoked ribs and had great results. Boil a pot of water. Take frozen ziplock bag out of freezer and place in hot water. Turn off heat and leave lid on for 1-1.5 hr. Meat comes out perfect. I haven’t tried it with pulled pork but expect it would work great.
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    Recommended Contractor(s)- Des Moines

    Sorry you’re dealing with it but glad everyone’s safe. Roof Iowa is the answer. They do roofing, gutters, and siding. Jon was great to work with after the derecho.
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    Jalynn Bristow Transferring

    Perhaps some missed it but CW said Bristow to TT was rumored in Feb due to homesickness. Bristow has the athleticism to be great if she develops her game. Good luck to her. For ISU, I hope Billy can find a similar athletic 4 in the portal to replace the hustle and rebounding.
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    Carson Willich out for year with torn ACL

    i’ve seen some solid play, though not always consistent, from McLaughlin, Lovett, Bacon, and Willich. The others haven’t shown much yet but are all young players that will hopefully develop. I can’t look at that group and feel confident overall.
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    Best towns in Iowa

    I like Decorah, Mt Vernon, Manchester, Dubuque, Bellevue…yeah, the driftless region is my favorite part of Iowa. Lots of outdoor activities and scenic views. Pikes Peak is my favorite park in Iowa. Go see it if you haven’t.
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    Financial Aid Advice

    This is what I’d do if I had a do-over.
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    Worst city in Iowa?

    Fixed it for you.
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    You don't realize how many pros ISU has

    Kane is playing for Grindavik in Iceland. Last played in a win on 4/4/24.