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    Very professional and empathetic of you to make the personal notification!
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    Foot injury advice needed

    Jer-that’s a good one! As I mentioned earlier, I managed to tear the plantar (tissue, tendon etc) and have had turf toe (plantar plate injury) at different times. You injuring both simultaneously is rare and painful. Godspeed.
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    Special Teams

    Initial impression from the mug shot above…
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    Jordan Langs

    I was curious to where he landed after he left Ames. It appears he transitioned out of coaching... As a former coach who transitioned out due to family and into "corporate America," I respect his decision and wish him well in sales...
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    Former Clones in MMA

    I'm guessing the former LBer that posts on here knows (race car driver; I don't remember his screen name). This is his era. I think I know but don't want to speculate.
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    Tryout for former clone.

    I hope it goes well for Willie!
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    Former Clones in MMA

    I’m going back a ways but Justin Eilers.
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    ‘24 Roster Updated!

    I was a walkon b/c I always dreamed of being a cyclone football player! (NB: I became a cyclone wanna be during the Walden years. Nothing sexy about being a cyclone then) Clone to the Bone!
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    Smart Thermostat Recommendations

    I second this. Love our Ecobees and the multiple room sensors.
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    Cyclone Football Twitter

    I just want that video board replaced with the bigger one that is scheduled.
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    General (non-ISU) Wrestling Twitter/News Thread

    I hope all 3 lose all their matches.
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    Friday OT: I'll be your guide

    I did that tour in the early 90s. I agree, pretty cool tour. Especially if you are an engineering or mechanical dork like me.
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    General (non-ISU) Wrestling Twitter/News Thread

    I’m surprised to see schools that have T&F but not indoor T&F.
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    What's the best opening track of an album?

    How’s that KR song compare to this KR song in your opinion?
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    What's the best opening track of an album?

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    What's the best opening track of an album?

    Plus Rock in Roll is killer!
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    2024 Transfer Portal Tracker (Wrestling)

    About time! Long over due. Plus @jcordova8 is elite at CW coverage!