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  1. Run Faster

    Non-Con schedule out

    I’ve learned in life no matter what you do there’s always going to be someone ***** and complain. Excited for November!
  2. Run Faster

    Iowa Beat Writers

    The kid couldn’t even make a proper fair catch signal.
  3. Run Faster

    FS: Tix George Strait @ JTS

    Find the man an Audi Crooks jersey!
  4. Run Faster

    ***Official 2024 Transfer Thread***

    I really like what Heise could potentially bring to this team. I also think some are sleeping on Jefferson. After watching some film on him…his game is like a combination of Niang and Brockington.
  5. Run Faster

    Former UNI guard Nate Heise taking visit to Ames Monday (committed)

    Has the full conversation with Nate dropped…if so where? Seems like a great fit!
  6. Run Faster

    Iowa State Transfer/Recruiting Class 2024

    I’m glad my wife didn’t look into the single people rankings 14 years ago!
  7. Run Faster

    *** Official #10 Illinois vs #4 IOWA STATE Game(Day) Thread ***

    Over…super proud of the guys! Should Shannon be playing?
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    Tough day for EIU hoops hopes

    You’re a Hok on an Iowa State fan site. What does that say about you? Enjoy the NIT.
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    Bracketology 2024

    Proud of the guys…working their asses off! I’m curious to see if they win out (including a tournament title…I do understand a tournament title probably won’t matter to the committee) and a team(s) on the 1 line have a loss…if they could be a potential 1 seed. Oh and F*ck OU….had my nut cup...
  10. Run Faster

    What game or event made you a Cyclone for life?

    Johnny Orr= my reason. His passion for Iowa State really resonated with me! I appreciated how unapologetic he was about not giving a f*ck what others thought! If he had something to say he would just say it to your face. No filters!
  11. Run Faster

    *** Official #14 IOWA STATE vs Texas (SAMSUBA) Game(Day) Thread ***

    Wife broke down and got Sling for tonight…wife understands that I’m a visual Learner.
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    Let him cook podcast

    They didn’t know that Houston came back to take the lead…details matter.
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    Transfer Portal Tracker

    I’m right….no I’m right… me…I appreciate both guys! Brock for making more a reality and Rocco for the potential to take it a step further. Both guys are similar in many regards…but most importantly the guys are about the team’s success. Both represent the program in the best way possible...
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    Transfer Portal Tracker

    You can get paid?!…all this time I’ve been doing it for free.
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    Hufford comments bulletin board material for Longhorns

    If they needed this to motivate them….how sad.
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    My son has had 3 opportunities(2 NIL camps and NIL autograph signing)to met BRE. You couldn’t ask for a better representative of the program. He treated my like son his little brother. Couldn’t have been more generous with his time. The guy is a culture changer!
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    MBB Season Ticket Renewal

  18. Run Faster

    Hilton floor is for sale

    It’s time!