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  1. cyking

    Ames Lager

    We are enjoying Ames Lager at Busch Stadium Go Cyclones!
  2. cyking

    Spring VB

    Jordan Hopp did a fantastic job of blocking. Lilly Wachholz had a wicked jump serve. The team looks solid at all positions. Go Cyclones!
  3. cyking

    Tip-off with CW: No. 12 ISU vs. No 7 Texas

    None its a white out tonight.
  4. cyking

    Cy-Hawk Series - Soccer and Volleyball both win

    Crowd was great. Third largest attendance ever for a volleyball game.
  5. cyking

    Girl's HS BB Recruit Tourney Watch

    My wife’s sister played in that game for Melvin and had the key steal to win the game. Great memories.
  6. cyking

    What happened to our transfer post?

    Jarosinski has retired from playing college basketball, she is still in school but will not be playing basketball.
  7. cyking

    Favorite Band that Few People Know Check out the Japanese rock band, their lead singer’s mother is from Iowa. Their music is performed in English. They have toured all over the world and in USA.
  8. cyking

    What I'm hearing on Ray Lima

    I heard one report that he had back spasms.
  9. cyking

    17-18 starting line up??

    How come Wise was a no show at Hilton Magic?
  10. cyking

    Players Transferring

    Coach Johnson is the one that told everyone at the cyclone luncheon that Grace was leaving the team and moving to California.
  11. cyking

    Mpls TV Station Reporting tonight on Jack Trice Death

    I see on the Kansas State athletics site they have a story about their first black football and basketball players. They are reporting they are the first school in the conference to have a black player with scholarship. Did Jack Trice not have a scholarship?
  12. cyking

    Interview with Iowa State Strikeout Leader - Dave Flattery

    Good stuff. I lived on the same dorm f!oor as Dave and his twin brother Dan the catcher on the team. They are great cyclones.
  13. cyking

    Players Transferring

    So is Grace Lazard, Abby Phillips and Anne Kiel. We getting two transfer this year.
  14. cyking

    Our seniors will be missed, but our future looks very bright

    Grace Lazard and 3 other players are transferring. Grace is going to UCLA or USC. We are getting two transfers this winter.
  15. cyking

    Star Wars Rogue One

    Is the 3D version worth the upgrade for this movie?
  16. cyking

    Register cyclone insider app

    Is anyone else having trouble with the cyclone insider app that the Des Moines register offers? The stories do not come up when you click on them.
  17. cyking

    :::The OFFICIAL Heavy Metal Thread!!:::

    Has any one heard of Coldrain. They are from Japan and I am good friends with the lead singer's mother. They were touring around the States this past summer.
  18. cyking

    CyHawk Series - Volleyball Edition

    I was at the match and heard no booing from the crowd. We just crushed the bison this morning .