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  1. gocy444

    Jordan Langs

    I have a buddy that works in sales for Stryker and makes $300k a year. Not a bad gig.
  2. gocy444

    ‘24 Roster Updated!

    As one of the former interns who entered in the heights/weights onto, I wouldn’t put too much thought into them.
  3. gocy444

    Lawn Mower - Reviews

    My dad has the new Toro self paced walker. It was like pushing a cloud.
  4. gocy444

    ***Scottie Scheffler Arrest Thread***

    Everyone takes Scottie's side getting arrested prior to his AM tee time, but when I do it it's "sir, you are still drunk from the night before" and "you literally smell like coors lite and regret".
  5. gocy444

    do's and don'ts of the best man's wedding speech

    Hit on all the bridesmaids.
  6. gocy444

    What are you drinking tonight?

    That IPA looked fantastic.
  7. gocy444

    What are you drinking tonight?

    What do we have here? I like the looks of it.
  8. gocy444

    Kickin' It

    I LOVE these interviews. Really fun to reminisce.
  9. gocy444

    Cyclones Gear/Collectibles Swap

    Why can other schools have replica Nike jerseys of former athletes but not us? Was in Scheels and they have Tom Brady Michigan and Josh Allen Wyoming replica Nike jerseys, but the Purdy offering was a weird knock off and they still wanted $150.
  10. gocy444

    Farmageddon 2025 - Ireland

    MSP has direct flight for $700ish round trip trip Dublin FYI.
  11. gocy444

    How much nba do you watch

    I am a social media fan. I follow the teams/players that I have rooting interest for and see highlights on Twitter, Instagram and tik tok. Outside of that both much.
  12. gocy444

    Selling Rare Bourbon

    Heard the stuff was junk. I’ll take it off your hands at no charge so you don’t have to suffer through it.
  13. gocy444

    STORY: Iowa State showcased its younger players during a blustery spring game Saturday

    My take: I was saying good things about the Moberly kid and how it’s crazy he should still be in HS, yet he’s out here playing well. Come to find out his dad was sitting right in front of me. Whew.
  14. gocy444

    Are you doing any weed today (4/20)?

  15. gocy444

    Nostalgia for the 90's and 00's

    Born in 92. One thing I really appreciate is being one of the last generations that got to be a true kid. No cell phones, ipads, video games etc. My mom told me to be home when the 6 pm whistle went off for dinner and outside of that just go be outside with the neighborhood kids.
  16. gocy444

    Hunter Dekkers playing at Iowa Western in 2024

    Crazy that when we lost Dekkers and Tyrese Hunter it seemed like the sky was falling. Next men up turned out all right. It’s not always as bad as it seems.
  17. gocy444

    Where is Steele Jantz?

    Im not sure he was ever fully on it.
  18. gocy444

    ***Official 2024 Transfer Thread***

    Good landing spot for Pav.
  19. gocy444

    You don't realize how many pros ISU has

    I was so excited for Calvin Godfrey…
  20. gocy444

    K-State game in 2025 in Ireland (CONFIRMED)

    I can do it. I usually start slurring my words about an hour before kickoff so that could be an issue.