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    *** Cyclone Fanatic Sports Movie Tournament: Sweet Sixteen***

    If you vote caddyshack then you mix your Wheaties with your mama's toe jam.
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    *** Cyclone Fanatic Sports Movie Tournament: Round of 64 ***

    Wow Any Given Sunday v. Days of Thunder us a true barn burner. Look at all these degenerates voting for BASEketball and Dodgeball. Really goes to show the target audience here. Oh wait I'm one of those degenerates. I found I'm very pro underdog in this tournament. Can't wait to see who moves on.
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    Sports movies nominations Selection Show Thurs 5pm

    Invincible Any given Sunday Days of thunder We are marshall Glory road The fighter American underdog: the Kurt warner story Greater The fast and the furious Mcfarland USA White men can't jump Lords of Dogtown Ford vs. Ferrari Brink
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    *** Cyclone Fanatic Cereal Tournament: Final Four ***

    I'm amazed at the mob Lucky Charms has cultivated. This is a serious battle. I thought CTC would run away with this one. Winner should be a shoe in for the championship.
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    *** Cyclone Fanatic Cereal Tournament: Round of 64 ***

    Oh yeah you're right. Doing this at 1 in the morning was a bad choice.
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    *** Cyclone Fanatic Cereal Tournament: Round of 64 ***

    Where's the Apple Jax. Did they have a post season ban due to recruitment violations?
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    Hey Millennials, want to feel old?

    I believe there is a division in the "millennial" generation. Probably around those born before or after 1990. Those of us born before 1990 spent a good portion of our formidable years growing up without home computers, cell phones, and internet technologies at our fingertips. We just had the...
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    Milan’s true nickname revealed

    Mom killed a *****?
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    Brownwell took his whining on the road and lost to ND. Lol

    I could have sworn their coach was Dabo Swinney.
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    Big XII Merchandise in School Colors?

    I'm not sure the smedium would look as good on me. My belly would bulge out like TJ'S biceps do.
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    What did Otz screw up this game

    That may be but U&I are enjoying it.
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    Random Power Tool Help

    Fully closed it measures 1 3/16 inch. It may be a little loose but it could be squeezed down or put a piece of rubber around the tube to take up the slack. If you can't find anything let me know we'll work it out.
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    Random Power Tool Help

    I have this clamp sitting on my toolbox at work. I think it came from a power steering line. If that would work I'd be happy to find a way to get it to you.
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    Random Power Tool Help

    I would think the plumping or electrical aisle in any hardware store would have some type of pipe/conduit hold down or bracket you could use to adapt to do what you need.
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    Iowa State is the new Press Virginia

    EF5 defense causes havoc with lots of rotations. Bodies and balls flying everywhere. Cue Drowning Pool Bodies.
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    Iowa State is the new Press Virginia

    When I read the title I thought we don't press like WVU did. Then I realized you more meant the frustration level our defense creates is similar to press Virginia. Total agree with that take. Teams, coaches and players get tired of fighting every possession and it shows especially late in the half.
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    auto mechanic and service center

    Yeah I work in des moines. I worked at stew hansen hyundai. I always felt as far as dealerships go their rates were on the low end. The problem is the dealership service business model is not geared towards helping people fix their cars the most economical and fastest way. They way they pay...
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    auto mechanic and service center

    I believe the tre4isu was saying that mechanics working on the side maybe out of their own garage can charge $50 an hour. This would be more than they would get paid at a shop and much less than a customer would pay a shop. You are right independent shops will be right in the $100 range. The...
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    Is West Virginia aware that Iowa invented the color black?

    It would be even better if they used some gold accents. Although since it's against Penn St. they should use blue accents just to irk them.
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    auto mechanic and service center

    This is a common misconception. For warranty repairs dealers have to use OEM parts. Warranties are often common repairs so they will stock parts. On less common ones they still have to order the parts which takes a couple days at best. Anything not under warranty they don't have to use OEM parts...