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  1. ForbinsAscynt

    Mountain West: Games can't start before Sept. 26

    We are scheduled to play the s.dak coyotes FYI.
  2. ForbinsAscynt

    2nd degree sunburn remedies?

    This was me last year after a day in Folly Beach SC. The itching was the worst part. It lasted every bit of a week if not longer. I did plenty of lotion and occasionally used some solarcane spray. And yes plenty of water.
  3. ForbinsAscynt

    Ball state added to Schedule

    Has anyone mentioned how much Ball States Mascot, Charlie Cardinal looks like Cy? I wonder if they’re related.
  4. ForbinsAscynt

    Campustown Redevelopment

    I think they’re free to all. I didn’t vacuum because I had too much crap inside but I plan on going back.
  5. ForbinsAscynt

    Campustown Redevelopment

    Speaking of car wash ^^^ anyone been to Varsity car wash next to the west Ames McDs? Just went for the first time and I highly recommend it. I didn’t even know it existed until I drove past it today.
  6. ForbinsAscynt

    Kirk Ferentz labeled racist

    Why is doxxing this Jade character worthy of pulling credentials? Immature, sure, but if this person is in some position of power why are they anonymous on twitter?
  7. ForbinsAscynt

    Big XII considering plus 1 schedule

    If I’m Bowlsby I’m laying ground rules for testing/ positive tests etc, for the conference. Then sign off on scheduling with the schools input. Maybe you say UNI is approved but UNLV isn’t. Take it case by case. Put in the contract the right to cancel. It’s such an unusual time, every school is...
  8. ForbinsAscynt

    Big XII considering plus 1 schedule

    We Want Bama!
  9. ForbinsAscynt

    ***General Cycling Thread***

    You guys should check out the exustar sandals. Great reviews and they come from yours truly if you order off amazon
  10. ForbinsAscynt

    Jamie Pollard letter on falls sports

    Dude, deviated septum, left nostril. Found out the hard way. Right side was fine but damn that was not fun for 10-15 seconds
  11. ForbinsAscynt

    Tyrus McGee - Disrespectful

    Nice thread title! I assumed he was transferring
  12. ForbinsAscynt

    Anyone having a suggestion for walleye fishing in Iowa or MN?

    I’m in the same boat, no pun intended. Anyone been to Devils lake in ND?
  13. ForbinsAscynt


    I just bumped a premium thread. You should see it now
  14. ForbinsAscynt

    Anyone Use T-Mobile?

    Central Iowa it’s fine. I lose service outside of Boone county heading west.
  15. ForbinsAscynt

    Who do we Replace Iowa WIth?

    I’m not sure why scheduling another team automatically means isu loses money. We hold the cards here and can name our price. G5 and FCS schools are F’d this year. I think it would be cool if the b12 took a different approach then conference only because honestly it’s no safer than having a...
  16. ForbinsAscynt

    Who do we Replace Iowa WIth?

    would love ton poach the AZ schools but I don’t see it happening. Randomly generate a couple home and homes and call it a day.
  17. ForbinsAscynt

    Irregardless of what you think, “irregardless” is a word

    If you say something incorrectly long enough it will eventually become a word.
  18. ForbinsAscynt

    Stanford Cutting Wrestling Program

    Is there concern this will trickle down to high schools? I would think the less opportunities at the next level, the more people (incl. parents) would opt to not participate.
  19. ForbinsAscynt

    Official: Haliburton Declares for Draft:

    I saw on Twitter Haliburton bought his dad a car. I guess that means he’s not coming back?
  20. ForbinsAscynt

    B-ball Ticket Renewal Pushed Back

    Just received an email. Not a good sign.