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    Well, it's finally over

    This. The national media ruined it. I walked into the first round tourney game against Maryland with an older couple, Stanford season ticket holders. They saw my ISU shirt and asked what I thought of CC being that I was an Iowa native. They were not CC fans, agreed that over exposure made it...
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    ***NCAA First Round: (7) Iowa State vs. (10) Maryland [Fri., 6:30 CT]***

    Haven't read all the comments but live close enough to get to this game, first time watching lady Cyclones live. Took my daughter, what a show we got. IMO, there were a lot of Cyclone fans, I was surprised. Most, like me, live in the area and were super excited for this draw. We were scattered...
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    App troubles opening

    If you haven’t done it, power down your phone. My app worked after I tried that.
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    Hawaiian vacation to Maui

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    Best vacuum? Dyson? Miele?

    Not familiar with those. I really like the Blizzard CX1 but don’t remember if it was marketed for pet hair. I have two shedding dogs and it does the trick. Understand wanting a design specifically for pet hair, esp if price is similar.
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    Best vacuum? Dyson? Miele?

    After not great experiences with Dyson and Shark went for it with the Miele blizzard cx1. Have had it for a year and so far no problems. I had the cordless Shark and loved how easy it was to vacuum stairs, light weight no cord. But it constantly needed me to surgically remove golden retriever...
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    Traveling to Tahoe...needs ideas

    Beautiful time of year to visit. Lots of good recs already mentioned, our favorites: happy hour at the fire pits near basecamp pizza, breakfast at Bert's Cafe (best hot chocolate stop for kids during ski season), the sushi place near Heavenly is good, and a splurge is dinner or lunch at the...
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    What do you miss/appreciate about Iowa?

    The little things add up. Green grass. Schools with indoor hallways and cafeterias. Funding for public school. School buses for kids and sports. Big store parking lots with spots for cars bigger than a prius. Grocery stores without massive lines. HyVee. AE. Football Saturdays in Ames. Almost 20...
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    Traveling to Tahoe...needs ideas

    Truckee area is great. Fall should be beautiful, if warm, boat on the lake or try Donner Lake. Hikes: Shirley Lake trail is good (near Squaw) and lots of pretty hikes in Emerald Bay (west/south part of lake). Hikes are plenty and can find something for all levels. South Lake more congested and...