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  1. dafarmer

    Yankees win! Again and again

    H### no, I’m a Bears fan!:eek:
  2. dafarmer

    Yankees win! Again and again

    H### no, I am a Bears fan!:rolleyes:
  3. dafarmer

    Yankees win! Again and again

    Watching my Yankees pound a supposed contender tonight. If they get healthy, maybe 2024 will be their 28th World Series title.
  4. dafarmer

    *** Cyclone Fanatic Sports Movie Tournament: Elite Eight ***

    Any poll without Slap Shot is rigged!;) Need a sports comedy contest.
  5. dafarmer

    MLB: ***2024 Minnesota Twins***

    And the twinks have how many?
  6. dafarmer

    Time for a Real Discussion About Caitlin Clark

    Today's DMR has 2 pages of articles saying how bad it is that CC isn't on the US Olympic squad. :puke:
  7. dafarmer

    ***Official 2024 Weather Thread***

    With the rain we have had, there is very little standing water. Soil is still catching up for the last few years.
  8. dafarmer

    Time for a Real Discussion About Caitlin Clark

    Nobody said the Scots were smart, and any true Irishman( me) who discusses anything but beer is a Scot implant.
  9. dafarmer

    Time for a Real Discussion About Caitlin Clark

    The object of the Olympics is to win gold. If the coaches don’t think she can help them win it all, she can improve enough to make the national team next time.
  10. dafarmer

    NBA: ***2023-24 NBA season***

    Boston the more physical, at least the refs letting them play that way.
  11. dafarmer

    Dan Hurley turns down the Lakers

    Will LeBron take suggestions from Hurley?
  12. dafarmer

    Jamie Pollard on KXNO today

    Except for football games;)
  13. dafarmer

    ***Official 2024 Chicago Cubs Thread***

    National League is an embarrassment. 5 teams over .500.
  14. dafarmer

    Principal Financial-Remote work

    Farm Credit annual report shows increase in unpaid loans, before the latest drop in prices.
  15. dafarmer

    It's Stanley Cup time: Need a hockey thread: Oilers vs Panthers

    Hockey is a northern winter sport! No team south of St. Louis should ever be a Stanley cup winner.:curse:
  16. dafarmer

    Principal Financial-Remote work

    Also, farm economy ( crops) are in a severe recession. Implement dealerships are not selling new equipment, but are busy repairing old.
  17. dafarmer

    ***Official 2024 Chicago Cubs Thread***

    Wait till next century!;)
  18. dafarmer

    ***2024 NCAA Softball Tournament Thread***

    Let’s see…. let’s play your tournament in tornado alley during the worst time of year! Maybe Arizona?
  19. dafarmer

    Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) - Treating green ash to keep them alive.

    Some (most) of the insecticides require a license to buy and use. New insects in California are attacking Oak trees. DOT worker told me some of the oak trees along the roads were dying in Iowa. Pretty soon all that will survive are Red Cedar and Mulberry.