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    KXNO Sports Fanatics

    You can tell they don't watch/care for the NBA. The day after Haliburton got hurt in game 2 vs Boston (middle of the 3rd quarter), they commented on his lack of production in the playoffs (10 pts & 8 assists when he went out). Weird take being Haliburton scored double digits in all but two...
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    How Often Do You Sneeze?

    This is the only way I can sneeze; looking at a bright light/sun.
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    Tough day for EIU hoops hopes

    He'll be a free agent as of June 29. Looks to make a little over $1M next year (remaining contract he signed with Pistons), assuming he isn't put on a two-way contract at any time next year (which happened this year).
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    What logo would you vote for now?

    I don't believe there was a fan vote for the actual logo. The fan vote was for the football helmet design.
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    Iowa State Uniform Discussions

    Loved the G-W-G combo for road games.
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    Lisa Bluder Retires

    Memory is a little foggy; she was rumored to be a victim of Pierre Pierce (I believe it leaked that the victim was a member of the Iowa WBB) and people went after her for allegedly accusing PP. I think that's it in a nutshell, please correct if needed.
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    Iowa State Uniform Discussions

    That picture is the old Clyde Williams field.
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    Iowa State Uniform Discussions

    I don’t think the new uni’s are all that different from the helmet.
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    Iowa State Uniform Discussions

    The cardinal helmets and jerseys appear to be fine in the other photos of Rocco. Would imagine it’s lighting. Our helmets often appeared darker then our previous jerseys, based on lighting:
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    Iowa State Uniform Discussions

    Upgrade from our current jersey's, but I'd say I'm 'whelmed'. Really wished they would have incorporated more color into the pants.
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    Iowa State Uniform Discussions

    The placement of Nike Swoosh (in the photo released yesterday) is higher and closer to the collar than last years jersey. Likely signaling a new template, is what I'm guessing the poster's thought process.
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    Jason Essex enters transfer portal

    Earlier in CMC's tenure (after Butler, Jones, Milton etc.), if you weren't a top 1 or 2 receiver, you likely weren't getting the ball thrown your way, given the usage rates of our TE's. I believe Kolar had the most targets and 2nd most targets his final two years. Top 4 targets were 2 receivers...
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    Iowa Football Recruiting

    Washington is in there somewhere, I believe.
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    Iowa Football Recruiting

    Conference schedule isn't that much tougher than last year. Newcomers, Washington and UCLA, both with new staffs. Washington lost 40 players from last years team (~19 starters).
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    JTS Improvements - Want More

    I always wonder if you could do that sort of thing in the North end zone by building over/expanding the current Jacobson building.
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    Kayden Proctor discussion

    In the portal from Iowa, to Alabama. Unless he's been in the portal twice, separately, in two days.
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    KXNO Sports Fanatics

    Fixed it for you. :jimlad:- kind of
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    Feedback: Please report new forum bugs here

    Anyone having issues with the homepage loading gibberish/random characters?
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    Tyrese Hunter Enters Portal Again

    Yikes. Touched a nerve. Has nothing to do with the smoke tweet; that was all started by Gabe. For the record, I have no issue with Hunter transferring, he got paid, ran into an unfortunate coaching change and now looking for another opportunity. Nothing wrong with that.
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    Tyrese Hunter Enters Portal Again

    They did (how I found out about them). They’re out there somewhere. Cyclone Larry likely has some responses to those.