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    We Will Collective contributor numbers Can we now stop the trolling?
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    We Will Collective contributor numbers

    But to disclose that puts ISU at a competitive disadvantage if no one else is obligated to. Why disclose how much Curtis Jones was given. Or Abu Sama. Even to say the the MBB was $X million... there's only so many guys, how hard would it be to figure out roughly who's getting what. Even...
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    General (non-ISU) Wrestling Twitter/News Thread

    Does he spread hate of ISU that none are coming down to us?
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    Olympic Wrestling

    Ummm.... isn't ISU known for developing elite head coaches?
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    Well, it's finally over

    The university (athletic department) and the state are two completely different entities.
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    David Carr- Associate Director of the Cardinal and Gold Collective

    Ryan, any chance you can get C&G registered as a charitable organization at Benevity? CRTC and We Will Collective both are, which results in 100% match from some large corporations.
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    Omaha enters the transfer portal (confirmed)

    That's a bit strong. They brought in 5 freshmen (including JT) and 3? transfers to compliment the starters that were already here. They can't rotate 13. Several of them (Pav at a minimum) would have been a solid rotation player the last 2 years. I have to believe all of them would develop...
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    2024 Transfer Portal Tracker (Wrestling)

    It said "prominent"... doesn't that rule out TnT?
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    ***Official 2024 Transfer Thread***

    Maybe it was the case that he came in knowing he was going to be playing behind 3 seniors and looked at that as an opportunity to develop his game, working with a great coaching staff with some great upper classmen?
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    General (non-ISU) Wrestling Twitter/News Thread

    Context as in, "future head coach of iowa"? If so, I would hope the wrestling gods put a curse on both programs (UI and PSU)... at least as it pertains to ISU.
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    You're the Commissioner. Now Fix Wrestling!

    1. Build interest in watching... Media/accessibility. I like to see the little guys get opportunities to broadcast, but there are too many subscription services, they are too hard to find, and they are just too expensive (collectively, but also some of them individually). Also, better...
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    2024 NCAA Tournament Thread

    If the three "stars" of WBB are Clark (chewing out her dad AND a ref), Angel (her "bye bye" wave), and Brinks ("f-you" to the ref after her foul out followed by approaching the same ref after regulation), that is a miserable set of role models to put out on this stage.
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    ***NCAA Second Round: (7) Iowa State at (2) Stanford [Sun., 9:00 CT]***

    Do Stanford fans know they can cheer between made buckets?
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    ***2024 NCAA Wrestling - Session 6/FINALS (Sat., 6:00)***

    I have zero insight, but i wouldn't rule out davidson (that's where Nate Jr is coaching).
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    Cardinal and Gold Collective Donation Match- Through NCAAs

    Does the matching go through the end of the month?
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    2024-2025 Recruiting Thread lists Kysen as a senior, but didn't recall if he had another season of eligibility. Comparing next year to this year, all we NEED out of 125 is a few points as an NCAA qualifier (Kysen scored 0.5) to bring home a trophy. I agree that more than that is always better. But that...
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    Kim Mulkey

    I'm shocked to hear that anyone has had negative experiences with her. Floored. /sarcasm She actually had me (wrt sleazy media) until she went on her lawsuit tirade. Then her narcissism took over. Nothing says "the story is legit" like threatening the journalist before it even gets published.
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    2024-2025 Recruiting Thread

    I think we have some dudes in the room that will fill 165. I think Perryman will perform no worse than kysen. I'd feel better if they find a portal guy at 189 or 197 and possibly roll with guys in the room at the other weight. It'd be similar to feldcamp/broderson of this year.
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    ***2024 NCAA Wrestling - Session 6/FINALS (Sat., 6:00)***

    Yonger. Carr's replacement at 165 just needs to make up Yonger's 5.5 points from this year.