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    The great Metallica debate

    Kinda agree. But I also think Burton was the early soul of the band. I think his spirit kinda died after Justice and it shows.
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    Texas Longhorns - Airing of the Grievances

    Longhorn Network.
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    Campbells Ohio game exit video

    That's the sign of true character. It's easy to be a great person with everything goes to plan. It's when **** gets bad that people's true selves come to the surface. We will learn who he really is if these first 3 games are any indication of this season's trajectory. So far, not great...
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    ***WBB: CYCLONE 2023 Recruiting Thread***

    Crooks leans into what works for her. Almost every player coming out of high school is going to have flaws, especially players that were able to physically dominate their competition. There is so much "Ya, but" regarding Audi it baffles me. She's a fantastic prospect. It's as simple as that. Her...
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    Hype Tape?!

    I knew I should have applied. God dammit.
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    Omaha Biliew Commits to Iowa State!

    A conspiracy theorist could argue that's why ESPN is hosting his announcement. More Gleague hype.
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    Friday OT #2 - Woke Up, Fell Out Of Bed, Dragged A Comb Across My Head

    Alarm clock goes off at 6AM. Always playing that same f'n song. I lay there in bed for a while, staring into the void before I get up to face the day again. I got you babe.
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    Report: OU & Texas reach out to join SEC

    This is exactly how I feel. They are destroying college football. To narrow the scope will kill the magic of it. And soon they will basically murder the smaller schools, reducing the landscape of competition. It's going to be bad.
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    Wendy Wintersteen & Jamie Pollard Address the Fans

    Yuck. Not the best look. The video itself is just not great. Messy shot, too close to that background. Sanitizer bottle. Mismatched reds on the shirts. Odd cut timing on the cutaways. Just looks like they gave the video intern the gear and told them good luck. The messaging is fine, but I...
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    UFO stuff & "The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch"

    Well, yeah. These shows are just fiction with a documentary approach. It's wild that people believe **** like Oak Island are even brushing against reality. Ghost and werewolf shows being smoke and mirrors, well yeah. Obviously.
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    Midway (2019) trailer

    I’m on the fence with this one. I appreciate movies that shine light on military history but would have preferred the Battle of Leyte or the one that’s made for a movie, the Battle off Samar. Midway has been told and is so well known. I remember years ago when they were making that dumbass...
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    Noah Fant Not in Iowa City

    Give Kirk some credit, everyone can see the writing on the wall but he refuses to directly throw the kid under the bus. Fant is a physical freak that doesn’t work at the game. He lines up in the wrong spots, runs wrong routes and is more concerned with himself over the team. I feel pity for any...
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    Updated: "Armed" "Men" at Freddy Court

    It’s a B.B. gun. Good way to get yourself shot these days...
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    Updated: "Armed" "Men" at Freddy Court

    Sounds like two of the four are Joseph Scates and Dallas Taylor-Cortez.
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    Adel - New Developments & The Internet

    The family and I fell for the trap of the seven year abatement in Adel and are closing on a new build in the Southbridge development in a few weeks. My little bit of joy at this prospect completely evaporated when I happened to notice I see no cable junction boxes at all in the community - and...
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    Cargo Shorts

    F*$@ fashion. Cargo shorts are more practical. Trends just exist to get you to buy new products. Cargo shorts with a fanny pack, a backpack and a murse. That's the way to live.
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    Cobra Kai (Karate Kid)

    This show was a blast. It's far from perfect, but it is just so much fun. Just watch it and be happy. And then be sad as you wait who knows how long for season 2.
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    2019 Recruit - Darren Davis, Jr.

    It seems Darren Davis Jr. signed with Eastern Kentucky last week. His stock really took a tumble from throughout his high school career.
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    So...Frank Scaglione...anyone know whats going down?

    I literally looked for a topic on this before I posted this...and now it shows up as the top topic. Gross fail on my part. Delete this travesty.
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    So...Frank Scaglione...anyone know whats going down?

    Heard a few rumors this morning and been trying to piece what little I know together. Not seeing anything in the local media... The parody site that's been on him since last spring is implying that he is a sexual predator. Apparently a few people accused him of a variety of terrible things on...