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    Nostalgia - Childhood Toys

    80s erector set. Would never fly now with all the tiny nuts and bolts.
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    *** 2024 total wireless/internet/TV cost ***

    I thought it might be interesting to compare with others on here your monthly wireless/internet/TV plans and their cost to see how much you streamers are beating old satellite TV holdouts like myself. I like to track everything lumped together as a whole so I can see where bundle discounts...
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    Texas game is on the Longhorn Network

    I'm one of those Gen X people that still use DirecTV satellite service. I remember going through this a couple of years ago ... I had to add the SportsPack for a month for $15.99 and I can watch it on my satellite receiver. However, I was trying to get this all set up so the kids could watch on...
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    2021 Stock Market

    Saw Dumb Money last night and it was awesome reliving all of the Gamestop and Robinhood drama from this thread. Highly recommend it, great movie!
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    Premium access gone

    @ChrisMWilliams - I've been billed for premium access for years and I get your emails regularly, but stopped having access to the premium forums a long time ago. I actually can't remember how long it's been so long. I saw a post about going to the "Premium Lounge" in the forums list, but I don't...
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    Des Moines area bathroom remodel

    Clint Gengler, Gengler Tile and Stone [email protected] Clint replaced tile throughout our bath recently and helped design the whole look of our new shower and bath area, What I really appreciated was the detailed quote he gave us up front showing costs for all time and materials so I could...
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    "Next" Saturday

    Don't get hung up on the weekend part then. What if the poll were changed to: SAY TODAY IS WED, JAN 18TH. WHAT DAY IS "NEXT TUESDAY" "This Tuesday" and "Next Tuesday" in this case are the same = Jan 24th "This Tuesday" = Jan 24th, "Next Tuesday" = Jan 31st
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    "Next" Saturday

    I purposely set the starting point on a Sunday (Jan 15th) in the poll question to cover the extreme case. Somewhere in the middle of the week my mind flips over to match what most people are agreeing on here. So if today is Sunday Jan 15th, "this Saturday" and "next Saturday" are both the 21st...
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    "Next" Saturday

    Forget about "the next Saturday" or "this next Saturday", etc. I'm strictly talking about "next Saturday" all on it's own. I realize it could easily be clarified by adding a word or two, but I'm talking specifically about how the wife says "next Saturday".
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    "Next" Saturday

    I'll ask the mods to delete the entire thread, leaving no evidence this ever happened, before I do that.
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    "Next" Saturday

    I think you meant 1/28 in that first sentence. But that 2nd sentence is such a great example. I'm driving with the wife and she says "take the next exit" -- I don't skip one and take the second exit. On Sunday, she says, "we're going out for dinner next Saturday" -- that means this following...
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    "Next" Saturday

    35-25 against me so far? What the F is going on here?!?!? I thought CF readers were mostly college educated, reasonable people. I'm gonna take **** for this for the next decade unless I get some help here.
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    "Next" Saturday

    Oh man, you almost had me til you lost all credibility with the "your in".
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    "Next" Saturday

    Agreed, but my idiot in-laws always go with "next Saturday" and get me started again.
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    "Next" Saturday

    Please help me settle an ongoing argument with my in-laws. We're at the game last night (Tuesday) and the wife asks me something about what's going on "next Saturday". I say, "you mean 'this Saturday', right?" and we go down our standard argument about "this" vs "next" Saturday and her brother...
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    WTB: 5 LL MBB for Texas Tech Jan 10th

    Looking for 5 seats in lower-level for Texas Tech on Jan 10th.
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    Networked Hard Drives

    They are all really good points. Thanks for the input.
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    Networked Hard Drives

    With a local backup, my business data, personal financial stuff, everything I back up, is on one one hard drive and one encrypted backup drive, both 100% in my control and protected from internet access via my router firewall. I can probably do some stuff to make that entry point to my data even...
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    Networked Hard Drives

    Bump ... My Seagate NAS just took a dump (2nd Seagate NAS that's failed for me) so I'm looking for a new backup solution. I don't trust the security of cloud backup services -- I just want something local. I have 2 work desktop PCs at home. One of the NAS drives I purchased a long time ago...
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    Nest Hello Doorbell

    Anybody using the non-doorbell Nest cameras with batteries? I’m thinking about adding a couple to go along with my new Nest doorbell but I don’t want to have to change batteries every few months. How long do the batteries last on a new charge? Love the doorbell camera so far. I have it set to...