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    Fran McCaffery and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Transfer Portal

    I don’t get why everyone is so down on Fran’s ability to get talent - I mean according to the Big 10 Media, Iowa had 5 of the top 30 players in the Big Ten as they were the only team to get 5 on the all- conference teams A’s selected by the media. 1 more than Purdue and 2 more than Illinois...
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    AP moved us up #4

    The committee did the same thing to UConn they did to Kansas last year - make it incredibly hard for them to make a run. Last year KU’s bracket had 7 teams in the top 25 of KenPom and UConn was a 4 seed with a top 6 ranking (similar to Auburn). UCLA was a 2 seed that was top 4 in KenPom as...
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    Where Iowa State might turn to find an offensive coordinator replacement

    Another one I’d look at is Jim Zebrowski - QB Coach and co-OC at Kansas. Oh - and he went to Mount Union according to his bio.
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    *** Official Kansas State vs #23 IOWA STATE Game(Day) Thread ***

    By definition it was a foul (although initially I thought it was a bad call), the replay showed the contact with the feet. If a defensive player is still moving (as in this case) and his foot/leg extend into the path of the offensive player causing contact and a fall, it is a foul. Many refs...
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    Tyson Veidt To Cincinnati as DC

    If anyone knows how to shut down an offense and keep them from scoring, it is Brian F.
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    Will ISU make a Bowl Game? YES! Which One? LIBERTY BOWL 12/29

    If Nebraska can upset Iowa, the Guaranteed Rate Bowl in Phoenix with a matchup against Nebraska with Chubba Purdy playing against Iowa State in Arizona where Brock plays the night before in SF and could attend on his day off would make for a good storyline. Renewal of Big 8/12 rivalry. Also...
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    Are there any players on your team this year that you believe would belong on ISU's all-time roster? (Crosspost from reddit)

    OL - Nelson is a clear choice; failing to include Bruce Reimers and Gene Williams and Tom Randall shows bad recency bias - should also include Oliver Ross based on NFL career; TE - Dan Johnson, Mike Busch and Mike Banks (all pro careers - Busch just happened to be in baseball despite being...
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    49ers - Brock Purdy - Still and Always #1

    So 2 more than Mahomes had at the same stage in his career….
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    FYI - Screen shots will no longer work for ticket entry at games

    Here is an idea where everyone wins - just like TSA, give everyone the option to have a fast pass for $75 where you can check in online and all you have to do is walk through any number of gates without having to additionally scan your ticket and that $75 donation goes to the We Will...
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    Realignment Megathread (All The Moves)

    I completely think BY will definitely go the “in-season tourney” route and it makes perfect sense to drive the basketball $$ to that 10-14Mil stand alone amount projected by BY. Think about group stage games on campuses - (4 groups of 4 apiece starting in 2025 alternating home and away each...
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    Morgan Kane has entered the transfer portal

    With her Kinesiology degree, I would guess she is going there for its Doctoral of Physical Therapy program as ISU doesn’t have one. (And for the weather, scenery, and to have fun playing with Fred).
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    WBB: General All-NCAA Thread - Not Team Cyclones Stuff

    Clark does have the record for Total points and assists (60) (and also set the record for total turnovers with 35). Sheryl Swoopes averaged more points per game (35.4) but played 1 less game and still holds the record for points in a Championship game with 47 in a 2 point win over Ohio State in...
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    Racist UofI Hawkkks - Settlement Paid By Tax Payers

    Just an FYI - the utility company brought a lawsuit last month against U of I alleging that they have been failing to make all the payments as well as other breaches. So it will be interesting to see how that one plays out and how much more we get to pay to bail out the University.
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    Ferentz not going to replace disbanded diversity committee

    Or they also could have entered into confidential settlements since the most typical reason for a voluntary dismissal with prejudice during litigation is a settlement.
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    Will McDonald NFL Draft Prospect

    Lol - why I hate typing on phones:). Thanks and it’s been corrected. Although maybe Will stars in the next Fantastic Four reboot.
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    Will McDonald NFL Draft Prospect

    I don’t think weight is an issue. His special qualities are his quick twitch and his length (6’10” wingspan) and his production on a 3 man front in a premier conference. If he can run in the 4.5’s at the combine, he could very well be considered in Day 1 as he has a similar story to Haason...
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    2022/23 Coaching Staff Changes

    Bring back Tyler Scudder (currently an assistant with the Eagles but doesn’t have a position so we could probably give a pay increase)as a CB coach and co-ST coordinator with Jake Waters being RB Coach and co-ST coordinator (have Scudder focus on kick teams and Waters the return teams). I know...
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    Special Teams Coordinator

    Pete Lembo - currently South Carolina after being at Memphis and several other schools where they immediately get better in ST’s in all phases is who should be targeted. Earns $460k now from what I saw. But, guessing that won’t happen, my best case scenario is name Jake Waters as RB Coach and...
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    Bruns - Iowa Everywhere

    In my opinion, the 4th down play was the 2nd worst of the game. The worst was calling a 2 yd crossing pattern on 2nd down from the 23 with 30 seconds left in the game and no timeouts. Thankfully it was incomplete but had it been caught, X most likely gets tackled in bounds and we lose 10...
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    RECRUITING: Osun Osunniyi commits

    Bob Jones = Daniel Edozie.