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    ***2024 NCAA Softball Tournament Thread***

    It's similar to VB. College softball coaches don't rely much on HS games as their season is in full swing and assistant coaches/recruiting budgets are limited. They rely more on the showcase tournaments in the summer. Puts a lot more teams and talent in one place after their season is complete.
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    Realignment Megathread (All The Moves)

    I think this article on SEC football coaches wanting to keep walk ons is hypocrisy at the highest level. You can't have it both ways. You can't be hoarding all the money and consorting with the media in creating a super league of exclusion and also trying to keep the appearance of college...
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    Cytown Update

    I've seen this firsthand. In Fayetteville (NW) AR there used to be one brewery for years and it struggled. Now they have several and they've organized together and advertise as a brew tour. Seems to be working well for them. Several more have been added in nearby towns of Rogers and Bentonville...
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    Ever score on an insurance company?

    Should have let them total it and then bought it back. I had a small chevy S-10 years ago. Bought it new at a ridiculous low price because it was a previous year model that didn't sell (who wants an S-10 right?). Then got hit by another driver. Insurance paid me about $2k more than I bought it...
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    *** Cyclone Fanatic Cereal Tournament: Selection Show ***

    I'm riding Grape Nuts all the way to the final four. No way Euell Gibbons lied to us; but no, I've never eaten a pine tree.
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    Coolest Thing Made in Iowa

    I'd also vote for Winnebago motorhomes. Cool story how they started and stayed in a small town.
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    Coolest Thing Made in Iowa

    aren't marshalltown tools made in marshalltown iowa? They're all over the place.
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    Way Too Early Top 25 roundup: Cyclones a consensus top 5 pick

    I know rankings don't mean anything now (but it does create buzz and talk all the way up to November); but what's really crazy is that if BY had gotten Gonzaga into the Big 12 for B-ball we'd have ALL of the top 5 ranked teams! Even without them we have 4 of the top 5. No doubt football is king...
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    2024 solar eclipse

    We live in Central AR, right in the middle of the prime viewing area. They've been telling us for over a year that we're expected to have 1.5-2M (and maybe as many as 4M) MORE people concentrated in a small band width of the state (a state with a total population of 3M) plus many of our in-state...
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    Twister Sister Summary - Season closes in epic fashion

    What a terrible call. Forgot about this one. Can someone post the travel call on Emily in OT on our made basket. No way that was a travel either
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    Twister Sister Summary - Season closes in epic fashion

    Was that when she ran out like 20' onto the floor? That was early in OT
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    Twister Sister Summary - Season closes in epic fashion

    I disagree. The first quarter she wasn't getting close enough to the basket and not taking her shots; but after that she was in good spots. There were very few clean blocks by Stanford, maybe 2-3. Most of the 'stuffs' by Stanford were from their arms coming down (not straight up) making a lot of...
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    ***NCAA Second Round: (7) Iowa State at (2) Stanford [Sun., 9:00 CT]***

    What an outstanding effort and great season by our women's team, they are so fun to watch!! Emily was on fire and I would have liked to see the ball in her hands for a final 3 attempt to win it - but I'm sure Stanford was looking for that too. The women played good enough to be in the sweet...
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    AP moved us up #4

    99% of the time i'd agree but in one of his segments yesterday, Bilas did blast the emphasis on non-conference SOS. He said it was ridiculous. He was talking about why they left OU and PItt out of the tournament because of that, not in reference to ISU, but said the committee really needs to...
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    Come On!

    I think as fans we have the right to ***** and moan about our seeding before we "just focus on the next game and win". So I think until about late Tuesday evening is OK. With that being said the AP and coach's polls coming out today it's obvious where the rest of the country ranks ISU. We were...
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    49ers - Brock Purdy - Still and Always #1

    Was there a Brock body double in that video for the JD commercial? Why would you need a body double for sitting in a tractor?
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    AP has Kansas back ahead of ISU lol

    I agree that the resumes are close, but the head-to-head has to matter and should give us the advantage. Other posts are right when they say "it doesn't matter now"; until it does - when the brackets come out and we get a crappy draw in Pittsburgh or Spokane while KU gets a cushy 2 seed in...
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    Kansas State fans are madder than I have ever seen

    Disagree. The Providence player gave him the hard shove to the chest initially, but the KSU player gave a subtle cheap shot punch to the mouth right after that. Sneaky but definitely a calculated, cheap shot, closed fist pop, leading to the full swing. Both were at fault.