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    The bugle graphic just won't go away

    HAHAHAHA. The sad thing is I RED it twice to make sure the spelling was correct. I am old, give me a break.
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    The bugle graphic just won't go away

    That change is much deeper than we realize. Not only did Kempt save the season, but he gave us hope for the next year. THEN, when his career was over he stuck around to help a young Brick Purdy and now helping a young Rocko. THAT is love for your college and leadership.
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    80th anniverary . . . can we not wonder?

    I care deeply. The courage these brave Warriors displayed must not only be recognized but must also be taught in our schools. We Americans need to understand what these brave men gave up for us so that we can live free. We also need to understand that we can not sit on our own little island and...
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    Memorial Day Warriors to Remember . . .

    Many brave have given the ultimate for today. Many of the living struggle on this day and the 4th of July. We don't want or expect "Thank You's" just compassion and understanding. RIP 1SG Tim Milsap and SGT Joe Herndon. If you are a veteran that is struggling, please reach out. Call the...
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    ***Official 2024 Weather Thread***

    and an Army school on North Fort Hood in July. Lived in metal Quonset huts with no AC. when we went to the field we were in a Bradly FV. I think I lost 30 pounds in that class.
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    ***Official 2024 Weather Thread***

    I was at FT Hood for an Army school. My wife was 7 months pregnant during that time. When I got home I never heard the end of it. I missed the no water in Des Moines
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    ***Official 2024 Weather Thread***

    I was just saying that this reminds me of the 93 floods. Seems like serious rain every 1-2 days.
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    ***Official 2024 Weather Thread***

    Same here.
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    Principal Financial-Remote work

    Better than gas station sushi. HAHAHAHA
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    (Politic free thread) Jack Whitver Battling Brain Cancer

    Thoughts and pray to you, your family and you daughter.
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    (Politic free thread) Jack Whitver Battling Brain Cancer

    Both plus my ear felt plugged and had tingling on the left side of my face. Looking back my balance/vertigo issues really started showing up in 2012. I brushed it off as I figured I was dehydrated. That summer I was training for Ironman so I was pretty active. It ended up being a tumor about...
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    (Politic free thread) Jack Whitver Battling Brain Cancer

    I went through surgery to remove a benign brain tumor in 2013. At the time they were not 100% sure it was benign, so a very scary situation either way. Life's priorities change on a dime when you get the news. Lucky for me I only lost me hearing and balance on one side. The hardest part of...
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    Cytown Update

    I live on the SE side in Ames, along Duff. Looks like the city put in some fire hydrants south on Duff just past Ken Merrell just across the street from the SukUp golf training center. I hope they put in a Fareway. That is all we are missing on that end.
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    ***Official 2024 Weather Thread***

    OK Daddy-O. HAHAHA Had a flash back from my childhood.
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    ***Official 2024 Weather Thread***

    How is Ames?? We are on vacation in Florida.
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    Where is Steele Jantz?

    You are old. HAHAHAHA
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    WBB: How to watch Aili Tanke in today's 3-point Nationals.

    She is a "Sharp Shooter" that is for sure. Came with 2 of winning it all
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    Never felt better after a tournament loss

    Jamie, PAY THEM COACHES!!!
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    Transfer Portal Tracker

    I just read something on line about it. Article stated that he went on spring break with some Alabama football players. Portal opens 15 April so we will see.
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    Most Important Part of TJ's Contract Extension

    HAHAHAHA. See, you would make a GREAT business man.