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  1. charlie_B

    Kirk Ferentz labeled racist

    It appears you can watch it here: For those who are curious Edit: Here is the Youtube Live Link:
  2. charlie_B

    Kirk Ferentz labeled racist

  3. charlie_B

    Iowa State's Response to Graduate Student Concerns

    Iowa State administrators had a meeting to discuss the concerns coming from graduate students. They had some interesting responses. PDF of the whole meeting is attached A couple that stuck out to me are: 4b: "9700 people (who live in university residence halls) will be tested at check in and...
  4. charlie_B

    Poll on what you would want to happen

    That would make more sense
  5. charlie_B

    Poll on what you would want to happen

    I do believe it was the 20th century.
  6. charlie_B

    Kirk Ferentz labeled racist

    Think he let it go because he feared for his job???
  7. charlie_B

    Kirk Ferentz labeled racist

    This just seems inappropriate to tweet at this point.
  8. charlie_B

    Friday OT - IDK

    This should make you feel a little bit better about Yellowstone:
  9. charlie_B

    What is your business idea?

    Ankeny? Ames needs one of these. They could make a killing by campus. I would be there way too much. I am a big fan of Four Queens in Waterloo and Cedar Falls.
  10. charlie_B

    Gaming/Internet Help?

    Tell him he just has to aim a little ahead of the people. In a serious note, a wired connection is best for gaming
  11. charlie_B

    QB Tyler Macon - ISU Top 4

    I would not be surprised to see Hunter make a move like Easton. With signing two quarterbacks in this class, I expect one of them to make a move to a different position
  12. charlie_B

    The Fran fade

    How does one get a negative ratio? Just out of curiosity
  13. charlie_B

    Iowa High School Boys' BB Tourney

    1 Minute left; tie game. Here is a link:
  14. charlie_B

    The Fran fade

    Twins would probably end up in the Indian Ocean (assuming Twins is somewhere in the midwest). To get to china he would probably have to dig a tunnel.
  15. charlie_B

    Mobile Issue

    Is anyone else having this issue where the article is not right after the ad on the top of the website. Is this the norm now? Just wondering Setup for developer: Samsung galaxy s10e Using Chrome
  16. charlie_B

    ISU PC Build

  17. charlie_B

    ISU press conference about band situation

    I think we should just stick some body cameras on them. So we can see what actually happens.
  18. charlie_B

    Iowa's president seems to threaten future of Cy-Hawk game

    I heard the broken ribs were from a band member tripping and falling on their drum. At first the band member said he was pushed but has changed his statement. Source: Talked with Iowa State University Varsity Football Marching Band Member
  19. charlie_B

    2019-2020 Uniform Number Updates

    I like the 0-4 look we currently have. Would be interesting to see
  20. charlie_B

    Montgomery signs contract

    According to this site, nothing is guaranteed.