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  1. dafarmer

    Would you rather be in the big 12 or the big 10?

    can we play KU twice in football too?
  2. dafarmer

    Tom Shatel: Is this the beginning of the end for Nebraska in the Big Ten?

    What else would you expect.
  3. dafarmer

    8/10 weather

    East of C.B. had wind but little rain. Crops standing, and I feel sorry for all the damage.
  4. dafarmer

    K-12 Return to school ongoing discussion

    St Albert, C.B. Lincoln, C.B. Jefferson, and C.B Lewis Central are closer.
  5. dafarmer

    Patterson's in trouble

    Calling the N word in practice is not what I thought? He repeated it after a player said it. Take the player off to the side and ask him to repeat what he said. then tell him to get the #### off the field.
  6. dafarmer

    Worst Fruit?

    Blackberries, the seeds. Although they do make great brandy.
  7. dafarmer

    Patterson's in trouble

    TCU's Head coach Gary Patterson is apologizing for an racial slur. How dumb do you have to be in today's climate to even think, let alone say anything so dumb.
  8. dafarmer

    Order in the Courtroom

    The Judge is back, 6 home runs already. Yankees are 8-1, and pitching is still lacking. But life is good.:)
  9. dafarmer

    Darryl from New Shannon on KXNO shows

    ### autocorrect misery
  10. dafarmer

    Darryl from New Shannon on KXNO shows

    The bottom two rows of counties are considered northern north is dry!
  11. dafarmer

    Dowling and Valley recruiting players From all over

    If they are getting state taxpayer funding, they should be required to educate special needs children. (funding for books and transportation)
  12. dafarmer

    Instant Pot recipes and tips

    First thing is to drive to Colorado or Illinois, and then.......never mind.
  13. dafarmer

    Does anyone remember Hercle Ivy?

    To show you how old I am, I played against Murphy in high school. As good as he was(and he was good), Treynor had some other studs with him.
  14. dafarmer

    Comet Neowise

    Saw it the last 2 nights, but with the light pollution it is hard.
  15. dafarmer

    High school football schedule

    Yes it is. But you only have to play 5 games max, so far as they have put out in their text. It might mean 5 is the minimum games to get in. High school basket ball lets everybody in the districts.
  16. dafarmer

    High school football schedule

    What do you think of the latest proposal for the football season? Seven district games and all teams advancing to the playoffs, forfeits will not be factored into the records for seeding purposes. I hope it gets us through the season.
  17. dafarmer

    First Pitch

    Dr. Fauci's pitch was bad because he doesn't anyrody to catch anything from him.:rolleyes: I know, bad joke.
  18. dafarmer

    Baseball 2020

    Are the Cubs elliminated yet?;)
  19. dafarmer

    Yellowstone NP

    Try Idaho, pretty country along the Snake and not that long of a drive. Don't know what is a reasonable drive is for you.
  20. dafarmer

    Worst ISU Football Team You've Watched

    In the 80's when Criner coached us to a loss versus Drake. Don't remember the exact year because of the concussions of ramming my head in to the metal seats. The NDSU game changed when they knocked out our center(Farniak?).