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  1. ISUKyro


    I usually go with scotch. Wonder if that is why I enjoyed this one so much. But hey, if you ever get stuck with another bottle, let me know. I'll cover shipping!
  2. ISUKyro


    Angels Envy is my go-to if I don't want to break the bank but still have a really good bourbon.
  3. ISUKyro

    On That Note: Do you hear what I hear

    Lyric: "Tell the rambler, the gambler, the back biter" What I hear: "Tell the rambler, the gambler, the back butter"
  4. ISUKyro

    Why does Shaka keep landing big time big men?

  5. ISUKyro

    Cyclone Football Twitter

  6. ISUKyro

    No Iowa State Fair this year

    And just like that, Iowa has a 455% drop in diabetes for 2020
  7. ISUKyro

    Naz, Niang, Thomas, McGee - Who wins the 3 point contest?

    The only thing better than seeing Jake get even a peak at an ok 3pt shot was if teams put him on the line. Instant money every single time.
  8. ISUKyro

    Tornado sirens and how kids today are soft

    Trump said to open up the county and ignore sirens. After all there is only a small chance the F1 from Chyena will actully reach you. Also, basements are optional as their is no proven science that being in your basement will stop the F1.
  9. ISUKyro

    Formula One starts this weekend, am I the only fan?

    ovals just have never really interested me. . I get that. the track itself is usually not what is attractive to stock car races. For me it is the simple fact that there will be passing. And you really don't know who will win. Or at least will have 10+ more drivers that actually have a chance...
  10. ISUKyro

    Formula One starts this weekend, am I the only fan?

    Agree. Last season I watched each race. (the netflix docs got me hooked) With the hot start Mer had, and then it was really only them and Ferrari, and the race is usually over by the second corner of the first lap, I found I wasn't paying much attention by the middle of the race.
  11. ISUKyro

    YouTubeTV finally agrees with Viacom

    It hasn't bothered us for most things. But a few we miss having. And at least a year is still a good amount of time if you are really interested in watching it.
  12. ISUKyro

    YouTubeTV finally agrees with Viacom

    Heads up on the DVR - most things have an expiration date. We lost a few things due to that now that we have had yttv for a few years.
  13. ISUKyro

    Kansas basketball tickets

    True, but **** them anyway.
  14. ISUKyro

    Best prank you've ever done?

    Turn signal lights wired to car horn.
  15. ISUKyro

    NFL: ***2020 NFL Draft Thread***

    The 2020 draft to take you mind off covid19 but first here is 30 mins of stuff about covid19
  16. ISUKyro

    Better Call Saul

    I think Kim is ready to break bad
  17. ISUKyro

    Better Call Saul

    I had a similar thought and in my mind. He is almost to the level of Javier Bardem's Anton Chigurh. "Tell the story again"
  18. ISUKyro

    Better Call Saul

    Yeah, he is not going to put up with that kinda smack talk back. I'm changing my vote that she gets kidnapped to keep Jimmy doing work for them.
  19. ISUKyro

    Gaming/Internet Help?

    They were pretty And pretty over priced. But I made a killing seeking them
  20. ISUKyro

    Gaming/Internet Help?

    Man, my days of working at Radio Shack and selling Monster Cables feels like a lie!!!!! But I made hella rifs