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  1. helechopper

    Will the BIG10 Reverse Their Decision?

    The Big10’s arrogance and knee-jerk reaction to the latest Covid scare of the week (Myocarditis) lead them to shutting down the season. They never consulted the other conferences on this decision and expected the other P5 conferences to fall in line and cancel too. Only the PAC did. Now that...
  2. helechopper

    Tom Shatel: Is this the beginning of the end for Nebraska in the Big Ten?

    Yeah, I don’t see spring football happening. If these ADs and presidents are so worried about student athletes, they wouldn’t have them playing a spring season and then running them down again a few months later to compete in the fall. That’s grounds for paying their “student athletes” since...
  3. helechopper

    Louisiana Added to Schedule

    I don’t care who we play, all I know is that when the ball is kicked, it will be the best 3 hours of 2020.
  4. helechopper

    Tom Shatel: Is this the beginning of the end for Nebraska in the Big Ten?

    Brohm knows the Big10 just shat the bed. Every AD, coach and player in Big and PAC country is praying that Covid effs the Big12 SEC and ACC, thereby evening the playing field.
  5. helechopper

    KenPom ranks CBB Programs since 1997

    I’ll take it. But the beautiful part is none of that matters, we’ll keep striving, keep improving and make the final 4 some day.
  6. helechopper

    SI: College Football Leaders moving to cancel season

    Holy sh17, these Big10 talking heads on TV refuse to understand that the Big12 has autonomy, that we don’t have to kowtow to the demands of the mighty Big10. The arrogance and their refusal to understand that they won’t be playing football this fall while the Big12 will be, is baffling. All of...
  7. helechopper

    SI: College Football Leaders moving to cancel season

    I’ve never been so proud of our Big12 conference. This was the right play, this was the power play and we didn’t *$#@ it up for once. Personally, I feel like the ghost of Dan Beebe has finally been exercised.
  8. helechopper

    Big Ten and Pac-12 cancel 2020 fall football seasons

    I wish the Big12 would play just to say “**** you” to the other leagues. We could get 10x the eyeballs and be swimming in cash. We’d be the Neo-Auburn of college football world then. The Big12 needs to take advantage of this opportunity because it isn’t going to come along again. Haha
  9. helechopper

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    The story. Because she was saving that alien race, it made me feel like I was watching an old StarTrek episode. How many times have we seen this story play out? CM2 had better have something big in store, something smarter than the first film or the CM trilogy will go the way of the Dodo...
  10. helechopper

    ***Official 2019-2020 Transfer Thread***

    Tweet deleted
  11. helechopper

    SEC conference only

    It would be hilarious if the Big12 just went along with their regular programming, playing all of their games as scheduled.
  12. helechopper

    Iowa MBB Suspending Workouts

    If MLB can’t contain Covid, then I don’t see how college sports, with less resources and money, will be able to contain it. I pray I’m wrong.
  13. helechopper

    ***Official 2019-2020 Transfer Thread***

    We just got Kunkeled.
  14. helechopper

    SUMMER SERIES: On the immediate future of college football

    They’re forced to wear a hawk logo.
  15. helechopper

    Big News Out Of KC (Funny)

    Haha! Get the man in the yellow shirt a beer.
  16. helechopper

    Friend that works at ESPN

    Is that insane or what? I’m grateful for ESPN throwing content up for us to feel ‘normal’ But it tells me that football isn’t happening if what your friend says is true.
  17. helechopper

    Carl Reiner dead at 98

    Cyclone Fans, read this, it will make your day a little brighter...
  18. helechopper

    Blake Hinson Committed To ISU!

    We need that dude's game right now.
  19. helechopper

    Iowa's Doyle transfers to Baylor

    Well, I guess it’s about as far away from Iowa as you can get.