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  1. GetAwesome

    Never a Plan B

    Very true; I wholeheartedly agree. It's a skill that CAN be developed. Though it's my humble opinion Prohm's rosters these past few seasons are not in need of elite defense with all of the qualities you outlined above. These teams just need to start with showing some commitment to that end of...
  2. GetAwesome

    Never a Plan B

    LIndell hardly played his ass off on the defensive end. He was quite aloof and out of place on the defensive end. He was an aggressor on the offensive end though. Defense is simply effort, and not just gametime effort. It extends to practice, mental prep, scouting reports, and all. But it's...
  3. GetAwesome

    Never a Plan B

    Defense is simply effort, and I do like what I see so far from Harris and the freshman (though we'll see how the analytics shake out after a few weeks of games). For a team whose scoring identity obviously wants to be purely high pick-and-roll, I've never seen so many moving screen violations...
  4. GetAwesome

    Do you want Tom Manning as the OC?

    Decision has now been made. Yes. I’m good with Tom.
  5. GetAwesome

    TH dripping like Niagara Falls

  6. GetAwesome

    RECRUITING: Cyclones contact Tamin Lipsey on the first official day of 2022 recruiting

    Is Tamin a COVID-mitigating guard, or is he more of an off-the-COVID guard?
  7. GetAwesome

    *** Official #17 IOWA STATE Bye(Day) Thread ***

    Half the SEC has covid, Lovie Smith finally gets a Dub, Nebraska almost blows a 21-pt lead, Hoosier blanks Sparty, and I filled a few garden beds and egress window wells with gravel. What a fascinating day.
  8. GetAwesome

    *** Official #17 IOWA STATE Bye(Day) Thread ***

    ...wrong answers only.
  9. GetAwesome

    Vehicle reliability - best make/models?

    Volvos, all day. I have a 2008 S60 with 165k, and a 2018 XC60 with 44k. They are a joy to drive, best designed vehicles I’ve driven. I’ve done most of the maintenance myself on the ‘08, and the ‘18 is still under warranty and haven’t had a single issue with either, with exception of the ‘08...
  10. GetAwesome

    Cyclone Football Twitter

    Hot damn, I do love the makeup of this team. The offensive and defensive units are finally showing some cutthroat attitude, yet keeping team first all the same. Even a bye week has me dancing.
  11. GetAwesome

    Fanalytix: Iowa State 38, Baylor 31

    I love me some infographics, I do. It would help immensely if there was was some visual queue to immediately identify this is set up as a clock. Just add some simple text outside the ring to identify each quadrant as Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4? And the drive directional arrows I completely missed the first...
  12. GetAwesome

    [Hold on, it’s not over yet] PATHWAY TO DALLAS

    Your predictions currently show another Cyclone loss.
  13. GetAwesome

    Do you want Tom Manning as the OC?

    Let’s add a 3rd polling option of “My decision will be made by Thanksgiving”.
  14. GetAwesome

    *** Official #17 IOWA STATE vs #6 Oklahoma State Game(Day) Thread ***

    I get what you’re putting down in the grand historical scheme of Cyclone football, but this is the 2020 season and today’s failures are no reason to relax. They had the driver’s seat to the Big 12 championship and they showed up flat after a bye (yet again), grossly out-schemed and completely...
  15. GetAwesome

    *** Official #17 IOWA STATE vs #6 Oklahoma State Game(Day) Thread ***

    Should have tempered my expectations. This staff just doesn’t win out of bye weeks. Something was in their heads today, and that thing definitely was not playing sound football.
  16. GetAwesome

    ****Official Class of 2021 Recruiting Thread****

    It’s really rather simple.
  17. GetAwesome

    Chizik Coin on eBay

    I’m in for...
  18. GetAwesome

    New Casey's Logo

    Just think of the tens of dollars they'll save on ink going from a 4-color print to 1-color!
  19. GetAwesome


    As it does every day before gameday my burst of optimism returns. Drink up! ISU 34 - TCU 16
  20. GetAwesome

    ****Official Horny Toads Look-a-Like Thread****

    Truth be told, Gary Patterson's music career began long before his country music videos. IT was 20 years ago, in fact, when the satirical boy band 2Ge+her conquered the world.