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  1. hoosman

    *** Official South Dakota State vs IOWA STATE Game(Day) Thread ***

    Can we "covid-cancel" that game?
  2. hoosman

    Horns down!

    Breece seemed to be untouched on his TD. Did Texas concede to gain time for their offensive drive? We had 1st and goal at the 2 in the first half and choked. Mensa man probably should have tried for a goal line stand with another possible ISU offensive penalty.
  3. hoosman

    Biggest Win in ISU History!!!

    Matt Campbell - is Horns down the national COY.
  4. hoosman

    OU @ West Virginia Game Postponed to Dec 12

    Didn’t we play KSU without Lang and Akers?
  5. hoosman

    OU @ West Virginia Game Postponed to Dec 12

    What if TX OSU and OSU are unable to play their full 9 games? That would give us a half game edge in the standings, right? ISU 7-2, OSU TX OU 6-2.
  6. hoosman

    ISU - coaches graveyard 2.0

    A big Cyclone booster I know told me he was acquaintances with Jimmy and Johnny when they were here.
  7. hoosman

    ISU - coaches graveyard 2.0

    I believe it was JIm Walden that coined the term "coaches graveyard" at Ames . However, I think ISU has a good history of ex-coaches who moved forward and became champions: Pop Warner (4 NC), Johnny Majors (1 NC), Pete Carroll (2 NC, 1 Super Bowl), Jimmy Johnson (2 NC, 2 Super Bowls), Mack...
  8. hoosman

    Predict the Line for the Texas Game

    Vegas has TX by 2, OSU by 12.5 over TT, and Okie by 10.5 over WVU.
  9. hoosman

    Not getting ahead of myself.... Okay i am.

    All season WR and ST were our weakness. Yesterday, we had WR breakout. Unexpected guys making great catches, YAC, blocks, routes.
  10. hoosman

    Iowa State is favored by nine over Kansas State

    this has been already stated somewhere, but is it better for OU or OSU to win tomorrow? I think we can beat OSU easier in a rematch, and I am tired of OU winning the conference, so I am pulling for Mr Mullet. If we beat Tx, then we would play the winner of Bedlam , right?
  11. hoosman

    Iowa State is favored by nine over Kansas State

    should be 6 pts unless they are missing players. It has been 13 years since we won by 9 or more.
  12. hoosman

    Vehicle reliability - best make/models?

    I drove a 08 Focus for 11 years. Only repair was the anti sway links which cost $25 each at Autozone. Probably the cheapest total cost to own car I’ve had. The worst - BMW 335Ic.
  13. hoosman

    Breece Hall #1 in NCAA rushing yardage

    Announcers are calling him Breece the Beast.
  14. hoosman

    Downing and Ramos injuries

    I am guessing that we lose more OL and for longer than any other position. There are a lot of laws of Physics at play in a tight area.
  15. hoosman


    Also - no missed blocks, no missed tackles, no dropped passes.
  16. hoosman

    Kansas State

    If we win the next 2 and lose to WV, it would be a 3 way tie OU-OSU-ISU, and I think we are net positive against both of the Okies - which makes it guaranteed. Unfortunately Texas knows how to end a game in the clutch and KSU has more consistency, so I am not convinced we are the CCP favorite...
  17. hoosman

    Turnovers/muffed punt

    I hate the prevent offense (2nd to last ISU possession) and the prevent defense (last BU possession). Way too predictable. So many NFL games have been lost using this strategy. The other game-ending strategy I don't like is moving down the field, getting to the red zone, and then running 3...
  18. hoosman

    *** Official Baylor vs #17 IOWA STATE Game(Day) Thread ***

    Very entertaining game. Nice to be in first place. One question - when we kicked the field goal, we had a 3rd and 10 and we ran the ball up the middle for no gain. Cambell went berzerk. What was he mad at? Bad play call by TM? Bad blocking? Missed call by ref? My guess was Manning was...
  19. hoosman

    Breece Hall #1 in NCAA rushing yardage

    I hear Baylor is pretty bad at run defense. Should be another big game for Breece.
  20. hoosman

    Is Brock Purdy still a Heisman Candidate?

    Purdy is in 9th place in B12 QB efficiency, but 8th place in the Heisman. LOL!