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  1. stateofmind

    FedEx pledges $25M to Memphis NIL

    I still don't go to Kum & Go... :)
  2. stateofmind

    FedEx pledges $25M to Memphis NIL

    If I cheered for a team that plays Memphis it would be USPS or UPS for everything.
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    They was?
  4. stateofmind

    Purdy’s John Deere Commercial

    It is?
  5. stateofmind

    Purdy’s John Deere Commercial

    Sorta funny, but horrible production. I mean the acting isn't bad, but the cutaways look out of sync and makes them look like bad actors.
  6. stateofmind

    Best Campustown Bars by Decade

    We had our wedding reception at Hunky Dorys Oct 14, 2000. Had Hickory Park catered. I met my wife at Welch Ave Station. Rode the firetruckfrom the church to Hunky Dorys with the wedding party. Beertinis with the big green olives.
  7. stateofmind

    ***2024 Masters Thread***

    That's depressing. I'm 54 and I could've been his dad at 27.
  8. stateofmind

    I'm going to the Masters

    Got to hang with him in Ankeny at Magee's for a "private" party. Dude is on another level. He played golf for a local event in Des Moines the Monday after the Charity Classic. So he was drinking all day and still was functioning, even played/sang a few songs. Those around him were barely able to...
  9. stateofmind

    2024 solar eclipse

    I just picked up 2 pair for $3 at the Altoona hy-vee. They have a bunch
  10. stateofmind

    2024 solar eclipse

    We drove to KC in '17. It was pretty cool even though you only caught glimpses between the clouds. Quite the experience. We were going to hit St. Louis this weekend and drive a little south today to see it, but the weather didn't look promising so we didn't. We'll see what 86% in Iowa is like in...
  11. stateofmind

    Omaha enters the transfer portal (confirmed)

    He's inability to raise his arms for rebounds and defense is what always stood out to me. I wish him well as he obviously worked his butt off for us.
  12. stateofmind

    Fran McCaffery and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Transfer Portal

    Is Iowa just the reverse of Creighton and Gonzaga? Who cares about MBB? They don't make them money, put all the donor attention to football since that's the only thing that matters to the Big 2 conferences. If they strike lightning once in a while with a good hire and have a couple good...
  13. stateofmind

    Buying under the influence

    Just depends how good of a personality they have or if they do anything besides roll cigars.
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    ***Official 2024 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament Thread***

    They are the luckiest SOBs. Reminds me of UNI losing 12 in 45 seconds.
  15. stateofmind

    ***Official 2024 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament Thread***

    Pringle for Alabama is out of control
  16. stateofmind

    ***Official 2024 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament Thread***

    Come on Scott Drew. Don't let that whiny a$$ program beat a Big XII team.
  17. stateofmind

    Twister Sister Summary - Holy Guacamole Batman!

    Probably has been said before but Brenda Frese reminds me of Holly from The Office. Amy Ryan.
  18. stateofmind

    ***2024 NCAA Wrestling - Session 4 (Fri., 7:00)***

    Team score/placement?
  19. stateofmind

    ***Official 2024 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament Thread***

    Wow! Auburn FTs. And Yale dumb fouls and lack of RBs. Glad Broome is done.