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  1. Peter

    FedEx pledges $25M to Memphis NIL

    25 million over five years is chump change.
  2. Peter

    "Civil War" trailer

    Plot spoiler. An intrepid band of mountain bandits in West Virginia bring the country to its knees by cutting off a rail line.
  3. Peter

    UCONN vs Purdue Championship Thread

    Bully ball not working for Purdue.
  4. Peter

    UCONN vs Purdue Championship Thread

    UCONN just too good.
  5. Peter

    Edey and NIL

    I get Yao Ming vibes from Eddy.
  6. Peter

    J'Vonne Hadley (Curtis Jones' cousin) to have zoom meetings with Iowa State & MSU this week

    Gotta think this one is in the bag. Once they get on campus it’s like 99%.
  7. Peter

    Former UNI guard Nate Heise taking visit to Ames Monday (committed)

    We must be out on Hadley then?
  8. Peter

    Kim Mulkey

    It was amazing hearing Angel Reese’s teamates speak up for her after the game against all the hate and death threats she’s been receiving, then it also dawned on me that we haven’t heard a peep about it from her head coach. Mulkey doesn’t defend her players. Instead she spends weeks blasting a...
  9. Peter

    William Kyle III

    Kyle would be amazing. I didn’t like playing against him at all. Athletic and great finisher at the rim.
  10. Peter

    Omaha enters the transfer portal (confirmed)

    I hope Omaha can learn to catch a basketball wherever he lands. Great kid but massively overhyped.
  11. Peter

    Yikes! I’m Okay Not Playing UConn

    Doesn’t look like Illinois has anything left in the tank after playing our defense two games ago. Completely out of gas.
  12. Peter

    ***Official 2024 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament Thread***

    Illinois looks worn out after playing us two days ago. Zero energy or effort. UConn just had to roll the ball out today.
  13. Peter

    2024 Mens CBB Coaching Carousel

    Fans want him gone. Local sports radio up here is burning for TJ. The recruit which we just stole from Oshkosh seems to have pushed Badger fans over the edge.
  14. Peter

    Bridge Collapses in Baltimore

    How does a ship plow into a bridge like that? No one at the wheel?
  15. Peter

    Momcilovic to lottery pick

    He’s a first rounder now. Will be a lotto next year.
  16. Peter

    Illinois matchup

    Trying to score 80 on us is not a recipe for success. Only two teams have done it and that was early in the year. To beat ISU you need to make it a rock fight and match our defensive intensity. Either force turnovers or get lots of offensive rebounds to create extra possessions. Illinois is a...
  17. Peter

    Xzavion Mitchell commits

    This guy will be a total menace in TJs system. Ranging athletic wing a la Watson but more offensive skill.
  18. Peter

    ***Official 2024 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament Thread***

    Watching all these games…why is nobody playing defense? Guys just casually backing other players into the lane for easy shots. No help or doubles coming. Guards getting blasted by ball screens leading to easy drives and kicks. No effort.
  19. Peter

    ***Official 2024 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament Thread***

    If you foul eddy it’s basically a turnover for Purdue.
  20. Peter

    ***Official 2024 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament Thread***

    Purdue is bad at basketball.