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    Cyclones v. Texas

    Sorry if mentioned, but why isn’t this win ALL OVER the landing page feed?! This is not right!

    Woah, I thought it was obvious Texas was getting games rigged in its favor but this is even worse

    And at the end of that play, the USC player clearly pushes the Utah player out of bounds and there wasn’t a unsportsmanlike call!

    Jack Trice 100

    I still can’t believe they don’t have apparel, mugs, etc. for sale. Not to commercialize it, but to promote awareness. Maybe use some of the money for scholarships. Just think we could use more Trice themed items.

    Realignment Megathread (All The Moves)

    By today’s standards, this is pretty common.

    Video from players and Campbell

    I thought he was going to kill Randy!

    Close game

    I agree, however, I’m burned out on the inability to win these games. I know my expectations are way too optimistic, but we lose by a score or less a lot - seemingly. I know we will bounce back. My hope is we flip the script.

    Shocking Arizona St/Herm Edwards assistants story

    The betrayal is bad on the face of it, but the players were affected. If it is true, they need to investigate and punish the perps harshly.

    You get one restaurant that’s closed in Ames to come back…

    The old Battle’s George started. I love Emmit, but he was not George.

    CyTown Announcement - Monday 9/19 (Links in OP)

    Now all we need is that monorail! Lol
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    AP Top 25 Poll

    Is this CMC? I totally agree with you. This is a hard attitude to follow through on. We desperately want to control what we can’t.
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    I want so badly for them to be great. My great niece just committed to Creighton and they have a solid program. My daughter plays club/high school and she is always telling me they aren’t consistent, I will never lose hope! I love volleyball!
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    In Memoriam: Ames Business/Restaurants

    I worked and managed there. It was one of the best times of my life and the food was free! I’ve suggested to the owners to put some of those items on the menu at Provisions and Cafe, but I doubt they will. Also, the trillions of margs I made over the years! Good times!
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    Totally Insane Iowa Stats

    Dekkers is #33.
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    Lawyer fees for a will

    I work in the legal industry, specifically in Family Law and I think the cost is a consideration, but getting it done properly is worth it. You‘re family is important and taking the time to find someone who suits you is key. Good on you for getting this taken care of now.
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    TAM NIL amounts revealed

    I wonder if it will change much for the non-premiere schools. They already get all the best players and so paying for it won’t change that much. You may have situations, at our level of financial means, that affect us somewhat. Overall, we are looking for the three stars that are under rated...
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    Tailgate sides I can buy

    Everything is so expensive right now. I paid $24 for two combo Subway sandwiches! Food prices are out of control.
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    CFP Expanding to 12 Teams

    Trust me, they won’t leave the premiere brands out.
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    Nebraska sux

    WTF? Nebraska? It’s obvious that there past is all they got. Sad, really!
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    Realignment Megathread (All The Moves)

    Please, never let this change. I always wanted Iowa to grow In population and national awareness, but now I hope we just continue to be fly-over country. There is a lot to be said for the life style the state has to offer.
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    Johnny Orr at his best

    I knew his daughters and they were every bit as rough as he was. They were the kindest people, but man they could find a choice word at the drop of a hat!