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    Jarvis Johnson to Gophers

    If this has been looked at , move it. Does the Jarvis Johnson going to the Gophers, open the door for the Gophers? Will it be harder for ISU and others to get top kids to leave the Twin Cities? I realize the Gophers aren't on the level as the Cyclones, but 2-3 young guns changes things in a...
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    Big 12 on a Fox

    Wrestling tourney is on Fox sports north right now. Moreno just lost.. Channel 436 on Dish.
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    Number 5 ?

    Who will where number 5 next year? A QB or a WR ?
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    St Louis area Cyclones

    Maybe Chris could put a link on the site?
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    ISU Nike Clothing

    Nobody knows it's cold out.
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    Kids and sports

    On ESPN they are talking about our kids and do they play or what they do in their free time . In 1980 7 percent of jr high kids were over weight, in 2010 18 percent were. Two things were brought up, TV games and phones, plus making our kids one sport kids by the time they are 10. Let the kids...
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    Jeff Orr May have hurt ISU

    Does Smart go after a guy who called him " a piece of crap" ? That is from what Orr said in his statement. Orr said he won't come to any more games this year. Put Orr in the cheap seats.
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    Marcus Smart hits a fan

    Smart out. 3 games says ESPN.
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    will we ever see the old big 12 again?

    I don't see ISU leaving the Big 12 unless the league falls apart, Texas and Okie leaves. I agree the football final 4 will grow to 8 or 16. Just wait for the sec to get 2 of the 4, or ND gets in or the sec gets left out. 16 teams means adding 4 weeks to the season? Do we add to theBig 12, I...
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    Jeff Orr...Super fan?

    Can you read lips. CBS sports has part of it.
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    Beatles 50 Year Anniversary Memories

    107.3 Forest City is playing Beatles songs tonight . With comments from people like Bob Dyln. Outstanding, great tunes.
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    Stevie Clark Arrested

    Could make him a sex offender, ******* out the window.
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    Huskers over Gophers

    Can this help ISU down the road? With recruiting that is.
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    DE rotation

    Taise is 3stars on CBS AND SCOUT.
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    Jeff Jones

    Jones is not going to Florida or Michigan. From the Star Tribune. Our chances? Not good?
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    ISU Coaches in Super Bowl

    St Paul paper says BOTH Super Bowl coaches were ISU coaches at one time early in their career. ISU is a coaching factory.
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    Strong's new rules for Texas

    This guy can't be hired by Texas. He had to be a mess at his old school. I think Red McCombs must have spent millions of$$$$$$$ to get him the job.
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    My kid didn't get into ISU, I am going to sue to get my kid into school?
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    Baylor vs T TECH

    Tech up17 with 9 minutes to go. Guess who is 1 of 10 from the 3 ? Gee sounds like a team I know. Hope we are 8 of 15 against Texas. Go Cyclones