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  1. Klubber

    Tamin Lipsey has minor shoulder procedure

    And 1st team AA as well. I mean, he did get hon men AA this year playing hurt almost all season.
  2. Klubber

    J'Vonne Hadley (Curtis Jones' cousin) to have zoom meetings with Iowa State & MSU this week

    And that primo NIL money is getting both teams Tourney appearances, multiple Final 4's and NC's. Money well spent.:jimlad:
  3. Klubber

    J'Vonne Hadley (Curtis Jones' cousin) to have zoom meetings with Iowa State & MSU this week

    Just look at Nijel Pack at Miami. The guy might've been the most sought after player in the portal when he left KSU. He had tons of offers, ended up at Miami where he supposedly got a king's ransom. And was he worth all that money? I think not. Miami did go to The Elite 8 and Final 4 with him...
  4. Klubber

    O.J. Simpson dead at 76

    These Norm M posts are absolute classics. Norm rightfully eviscerated OJ on a regular basis, and had the balls to do it even though it eventually led to his firing from SNL.
  5. Klubber

    J'Vonne Hadley (Curtis Jones' cousin) to have zoom meetings with Iowa State & MSU this week

    His price may not be worth it. The guy's not a game changer. I mean, we're after other guys too, and we'll need NIL $$$ for them as well. It'll be interesting to see where Hadley ends up.
  6. Klubber

    Well, it's finally over

    WBB's popularity too isn't tied to one athlete (CC). It's been growing in popularity. As a result more young girls are playing hoops at an early age and becoming better players as collegians. There has never been as many good/great players in WBB as there is now. Clark is one of them. And then...
  7. Klubber

    Well, it's finally over

    Add to that the fact that CC is insufferable to watch with the constant complaining, and exhibits terrible sportsmanship on a regular basis. She's the player that everyone loathed during park district type games when she was young. I'm sure the other players and their parents found her and...
  8. Klubber

    Edey and NIL

    If a big can't hit a mid-range jumper with regularity his chances of NBA success aren't great. I haven't seen Edey do anything but hit layups, free throws and sometimes short j's. He doesn't have any 3 game either. Camping out on the low block and bullying his way to the hoop worked in...
  9. Klubber

    New Uniforms Revealed

    I also wonder whether the pants will stay solid or have side stripes. It's hard to gauge which would be better with these jerseys unless there were pics including the pants. But, I'm with you on the jerseys. I think they're really slick. Hopefully it's not an April Fool's.
  10. Klubber

    Former UNI guard Nate Heise taking visit to Ames Monday (committed)

    Yeah. I wouldn't see it as a problem for either player (Heise & Indrusaitus). Both of their roles will/have been spelled out to them. The majority of Freshmen aren't major contributors their first season. Milan's an obvious exception. And Heise has 2 years left so when CuJo and KG leave, more...
  11. Klubber

    Omaha enters the transfer portal (confirmed)

    And Jay Wright certainly would know this. The guy was a great coach and is one of the few analysts on CBS's Tourney coverage who's actually worth listening to.
  12. Klubber

    Robert Jones, Tre King and Hason Ward Appreciation Thread

    BRE's a really bright guy with a high hoops IQ. And he used that and hard work to become a really solid post player in the best college basketball conference. I always related to him because my hoops coaches growing up always preached doing the dirty type work that Rob thrived at. And that was...
  13. Klubber

    *** Official #10 Illinois vs #4 IOWA STATE Game(Day) Thread ***

    Being he's a complete B1G bootlicker, I'm sure he is.
  14. Klubber

    Illinois matchup

    BYU and Baylor are good comparisons to what we'll face vs Ill. The big difference though is both those teams have guards with a good handle who could pass out of double teams, or avoid them altogether. Illinois' assist per game average is awful and they basically have a forward bringing the...
  15. Klubber

    Illinois matchup

    Shannon will hate Watson. I love watching D-Wat harassing on defense.
  16. Klubber

    Illinois matchup

    Honestly, I think Houston's quite possibly the worst possible matchup for Duke of all the Sweet 16 teams.
  17. Klubber

    Illinois matchup

    Great analysis. I hope they don't have a BYU 5 out type of attack in their arsenal. I honestly haven't watched them enough to know if they do. Obviously we had problems with that vs BYU. I think our guards need to attack the lane. Make Illinois either sag to defend or keep defenders on the...
  18. Klubber

    Illinois matchup

    Keep in mind that we face a lot of tough D in our league. I really think with Ill's poor defense, it'll be like breath of fresh air to our guys. I expect a lot of open looks for us. I have a sneaking suspicion that Milan's going to go off (even more than he has been). In fact I'm predicting...
  19. Klubber

    Illinois matchup

    And I think their lack of a true PG will also be a big factor. To navigate our trapping D, you need guards with a good handle who won't throw the ball away or say, pass to someone in the corner who's easily trapped. I think we'll get a lot of turnovers here in this one. And we have to turn...
  20. Klubber

    Illinois matchup

    Yeah. He originally committed to Michigan, but had grade issues. Michigan wanted him to take Summer classes to get his grades up and instead he jetted for the Illini. The guy's good but I would say he may have some serious character issues.